The ideal candidates for a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills are those patients who have excess skin, stretch marks and a bulge in the lower abdominal wall. Typically women who have completed having all their children are well-suited candidates for a tummy tuck. Occasionally these women may also need some liposuction of their love handle areas at the same time to give an even better contour to their waistline. The first step is to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a complete evaluation to determine if a tummy tuck is the right procedure for you. Be sure to look at as many tummy tuck before and after photos before choosing your surgeon. Some patients who have good skin tone and no stretch marks may benefit from liposuction alone, where others may only require a mini-tummy tuck.

Patients also need to be in overall good health. If you have a medical condition, you may require clearance from your primary care physician prior to surgery. A Beverly Hills tummy tuck takes about two hours to perform and is primarily done on an outpatient basis. Most patients will take one or two weeks off from work to recover and are instructed to avoid heavy lifting for about four to six weeks after surgery. I have my tummy tuck patients wear an abdominal binder or garment (girdle) for about four weeks after surgery to help with the abdominal contour. The results are seen the next day which is quite rewarding for the patient. The only area that needs time to heal and may show signs of bruising/swelling are the flanks or love handle areas where the liposuction was performed. When done in the right person, a Beverly Hills tummy tuck can have a very dramatic impact on a patient’s overall body. Clothing will fit better and patients will be able to exercise more efficiently once their excess skin is removed.

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