Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a corrective plastic surgery procedure that can reshape your nose to improve your appearance and breathing problems. Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood patients are often divided into patients who suffer from breathing complaints, primarily a deviated septum, and those who want noses that balance with other facial features. If you require repairs of a deviated septum (septoplasty) and want to alter the cosmetic appearance of your nose can come to William Bruno Plastic Surgery for a combined procedure that will allow you to breathe easier and achieve the look you desire.

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Rhinoplasty Explained


What Can A Rhinoplasty Correct?

There is a lot of variation in patients seeking rhinoplasty, but not all noses work on all patients. During a consultation, Dr. Bruno will spend time talking about your expectations for surgery, your needs regarding your safety and comfort, and the final appearance you want. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and aesthetic physician, Dr. Bruno evaluates your facial structure as a whole to determine if your desired result will harmonize well with other features. Dr. Bruno will be able to alter the shape of your nose by:

  • Decrease the width.
  • Restructuring the tip to correct drooping.
  • Straightening the bridge by removing bumps or depressions.
  • Resizing and repositioning the nostrils.
  • Repairing internal nasal passages to improve breathing.

Once you have decided on the shape of your new nose, Dr. Bruno will develop a treatment plan that satisfies your aesthetic goals and works with your proportions.

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*Individual results may vary

Rhinoplasty Can Help To:

  • Achieve a better harmony for the nose and the facial features.
  • Decrease the nose’s size if it’s too wide or too large.
  • Improve an overly arched known as the “Roman” nose.
  • Re-construct nose tips that are elongated or crooked.
  • Solve the breathing problems by rebuilding the nasal passage.
  • Treat nasal deformities caused at birth.

Note: When rhinoplasty is being used to solve breathing problems or nose deformities, the procedure costs may be covered by the patient’s insurance policy – this is referred to as a septoplasty.

Will My Rhinoplasty Be Closed Or Open?

An open rhinoplasty involves an incision that reveals all underlying nasal structures. A closed procedure employs internal incisions that are less invasive and heal faster. Dr. Bruno will select the appropriate technique for your rhinoplasty, and while closed rhinoplasty is the favored option, an open rhinoplasty may be required if he needs complete control and visibility for surgery.

Procedure And Healing Time

Rhinoplasty is performed after administering general anesthesia to patients visiting us near Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood. Once you are prepared for surgery, Dr. Bruno will:

  • Reform skin, cartilage, and bone to improve your nasal look.
  • Correct your deviated septum to improve breathing.
  • Close the incision with stitches and may use a nasal split and gauze packing to reduce any additional swelling.

Surgery will take from 1-3 hours and depend on the specific improvements needed during your operation. You will be allowed to go home on the same say as surgery to continue recovery.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

It is normal for you to experience some pain and discomfort after a rhinoplasty. Your post-surgery symptoms may include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain

Your pain will gradually diminish and should be completely gone after a few days. Any nasal packing gauze used will be removed after the first day, but your splint will need to remain for an additional week after surgery. Most changes will be visible a few weeks to a month after surgery, but your nose will continue to heal up to a year after surgery with minor improvements in appearance.

For a consultation with Dr. Bruno, contact our office near Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood at (310) 879-0937.