6 Imperfections That Tummy Tuck Addresses

It goes without saying that the number one reason Hollywood men and women choose tummy tuck from Dr. Bruno is to achieve a flat, smooth stomach. If you’ve had one or more pregnancies, lost a significant amount of weight, or you’re just experiencing the effects of aging on your skin, you might be considering a tummy tuck procedure to restore your youthful midsection. READ MORE

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Every year, Dr. Bruno sees many Beverly Hills patients who are interested in having a Brazilian butt lift to enhance their figure. This increasingly popular cosmetic procedure has taken California by storm and has proven effective at providing the results so many desire. One of the questions that Dr. Bruno hears from his potential clients is regarding the recovery time after a butt lift. READ MORE

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Why Does My Abdomen Still Protrude After Dieting?

After pregnancy, excessive weight loss, or just because of age, many women find it impossible to diet away their abdominal pooch. This can be very frustrating for Hollywood women after they’ve put so much intentional time and effort into eating healthier. So why does the abdomen still protrude for so many women, even after dieting? READ MORE

What Can I Do About Excess Skin Hanging From My Belly After Giving Birth?

Ah, the joy of becoming a mother! Giving birth is one of the most amazing moments in life, and in those first few months, the only thing you’re concerned with is loving on your new baby. You’re not even worried about the changes your body has gone through. Until one day – you are. You begin to notice that “things” did not go back to their former position and that extra skin hanging from your belly has started to become a bit annoying. READ MORE

Is The Shape And Proportion Of My Buttocks Genetic?

Every year, Dr. Bruno sees hundreds of Beverly Hills women who are interested in having a butt augmentation to enhance their figure and acquire that ever so coveted hourglass shape. One common thread runs through many of his consultations – many of these women have tried every type of exercise in order to naturally increase the size and shape of their buttocks, with no success. They’re left wondering if they did something wrong, or if the shape and proportion of their buttocks is due to their genetic makeup. READ MORE

What’s The Best Procedure To Combine A Brazilian Butt Lift With?

During many Brazilian butt lift consultations with potential Beverly Hills patients, Dr. Bruno is often asked if he recommends combining any additional procedures during their butt lift. This is a great question. In fact, there are many benefits to combining plastic surgery procedures into one surgical event. Namely, men and women save time and money, and reduce their recovery time by combining plastic surgery procedures. READ MORE

What Is The Best Season To Get A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Women in Beverly Hills are drawn to the fuller, sculpted look of butts that can easily be seen in every direction. This plastic surgery procedure has become increasingly popular in recent years because of the dual purpose it serves – liposuction to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, with that fat transferred to the buttocks for increased fullness and lift. READ MORE

What Causes The Butt To Sag?

While some women are naturally endowed with a tight, voluptuous behind, the reality is that most women do not have the rear end they’d like. Add to that the fact that, as we age, the butt begins to sag, and you’re often left with women who are not happy with their overall figure. Many Beverly Hills women suffering from a sagging bottom want to know why it has happened to them, and how a butt augmentation can help restore their butt to its youthful glory. READ MORE

Reduce Fat Pockets On Your Hips, Thighs, Or Belly While Adding Fullness To Your Buttocks!

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures Dr. Bruno performs in his Beverly Hills clinic. While many of his clients are women who want to increase the fullness of their buttocks, many of them are surprised to learn that a main part of the butt lift procedure involves liposuction of fat from trouble spots of the body. This is the fat he injects into the buttocks to add fullness and create a more flattering shape. READ MORE

7 Benefits Of A Mommy Makeover

More and more women in California are choosing to have a mommy makeover every year! And why not? Combination plastic surgeries like this are safe and very effective at providing women with the body they want, quickly. In fact, the mommy makeover procedure performed by Dr. Bruno has many benefits. READ MORE

Will My Hips Be Augmented During a Butt Augmentation?

Learning everything there is to know about a butt augmentation procedure is ideal before patients actually go through with it. While it’s easy to get information online, it’s always best for patients to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon to address any questions. A common question that Beverly Hills patients have is whether their hips will be altered at all during the butt augmentation process…. READ MORE

Why Is it Necessary to Tighten the Abdominal Muscles?

A tummy tuck procedure is designed to help tighten up the appearance of stretch marks, loose skin and excess fat in the midriff section. Most of the time patients in Beverly Hills get a tummy tuck with Dr. Bruno after going through a pregnancy or a period of significant weight loss. Some situations may even merit the need for tightening the abdominal muscles, but this… READ MORE

What Are the Different Methods of Performing a Butt Augmentation?

There’s no standard method every plastic surgeon uses when performing a butt augmentation. Several different factors go into determining which method is the best, including the patient’s butt shape and size, skin elasticity and skin quality, the amount of fat available, activity level and more. Visiting a quality Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a consultation should be the first step in determining which method is… READ MORE

Is There an Ideal Weight for a Butt Augmentation?

People in Beverly Hills who want to get a butt augmentation sometimes get turned away because they don’t have enough fat. However, the average patient doesn’t know how much fat is required for a butt augmentation, so an evaluation from Dr. Bruno is always a good idea. In general, patients who have never had liposuction performed before and have a BMI of around 22, are… READ MORE

How Soon Can I Schedule a Mommy Makeover Procedure After Giving Birth?

While every mother in Beverly Hills will share similar great experiences about being a mother, one common theme among them is they wish they had their pre-pregnancy body back. Pregnancy can change people’s bodies in different ways and getting the body back to normal afterward is easier for some than others. With a mommy makeover, mothers can quickly and easily get their bodies back into… READ MORE

Does Breast Augmentation Have a Negative Impact on Milk Production?

Women choose to get a breast augmentation for many reasons. Most of the time it’s for aesthetic purposes, but there could also be medical reasons why breast augmentation is necessary. One thing Beverly Hills women need to take into consideration beforehand is whether they plan to have children in the future. For people who plan to breastfeed their child, one of the most common questions… READ MORE

How Often Will I Have to Replace My Breast Implants?

Every patient in Beverly Hills who is considering breast implants has plenty of questions. One of the main questions revolves around the longevity of them. Patients can get a different answer no matter who they ask or what they read, which simply means the length of time before having to replace breast implants varies. In fact, many women don’t even need to replace their implants… READ MORE