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Breast Augmentation with Lift Explained


There are many instances in which Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood patients want to improve their breast shape as well as their breast size. This can be accomplished by performing a breast lift at the same time as breast augmentation (breast implants). William Bruno Plastic Surgery helps patients undergo breast augmentation with lift. This combination of procedures is especially common in women who have had multiple pregnancies or who have experienced significant weight loss. A breast lift combined with breast implants can achieve a fuller look while at the same time removing excess skin and creating an overall more youthful-appearing breast.

The decision to have a breast lift alone vs. breast augmentation alone can sometimes be difficult for patients. Sometimes one procedure by itself does not give the results a patient may be seeking. A breast augmentation alone (either saline or silicone breast implants) may be sufficient if the patient already has a fairly good nipple position and simply needs the excess skin “filled out”. Other patients may just require a breast lift (without implants) if they have sufficient volume or size and simply want to improve their breast shape. The combination of performing a breast lift at the same time as a breast augmentation is something Dr. Bruno can determine at the time of your consultation.

There are many distinct types of breast lift patterns or incisions. Occasionally a circular incision is all that is needed around the areola while others may require a vertical incision as a component of the breast lift to remove more loose skin. The most complex type of breast lift Dr. Bruno performs involves what is called an anchor incision which requires a vertical as well as a horizontal incision. This is indicated in patients who have significant excess skin and is the type of breast lift that is sometimes required for patients with larger breasts. Choosing the suitable breast lift procedure for you depends upon your nipple position and the quality of your breast skin. This combination of breast augmentation with breast lift is perhaps the most individualized procedure in plastic surgery of the breast and requires very careful preoperative evaluation and planning.

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*Individual results may vary

Although most patients can have both the breast lift and the breast augmentation performed simultaneously, in some cases, it is ideal to “stage” the procedures and do them at separate times. This is done is certain cases to preserve the blood supply to the breast tissue and skin. Doing the procedures in two different “stages” can be a safer option for certain Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood patients who may have had previous breast surgery or who may be smokers. Although patients always prefer to have both procedures done at the same time, certain cases will have a better cosmetic outcome if they are “staged”. This is an area of much discussion in the plastic surgery community and Dr. Bruno will thoroughly examine you and review your surgical options regarding breast lifts with implants.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery performs breast augmentations with lift for patients from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood. Contact our office at (310) 461-3855 for more information on this topic or to schedule a consultation with Dr.Bruno to determine if you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation with a breast lift (mastopexy).