You don’t need to look far to see that fuller, sculpted butts are in. Squats and lunges can only do so much, which is why William Bruno Plastic Surgery offers a Brazilian butt lift for patients from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and West Hollywood who want to reshape their buttocks for a curvier appearance. A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) combines liposuction from one part of the body with gluteal reshaping to enhance your buttocks using unwanted fat from other parts of your body. This dual procedure offered by Dr. William Bruno can dramatically reshape your body for a proportion that aligns with your ideal body type and goals.

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How Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

Unlike gluteal implants that are surgically inserted into the buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift uses fat taken from your own body’s problem areas through liposuction to fill in areas of your buttocks for a fuller, sculpted look. During an initial consultation in Beverly Hills, Dr. Bruno develops a BBL treatment plan with his patients to:

During your consultation with Dr. Bruno, you can discuss any questions or concerns that you have. Many Beverly Hills patients seeking a Brazilian butt lift have never undergone surgery before, so they have a lot of questions for Dr. Bruno about the procedure. That’s what he’s here for! Dr. Bruno works diligently to develop an instant rapport with his potential patients, so they can feel comfortable asking him any questions about their proposed Brazilian butt lift.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Explained


In this video, Dr. Bruno explains the Brazilian Butt Lift and what the procedure entails.

Are You A Good Candidate For The Brazilian Butt Lift?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to determine if you are a candidate for the Brazilian butt lift is to measure your BMI.

Additionally, Dr. Bruno has strict criteria that all his potential BBL patients must meet. These criteria are in place to ensure your overall health and well-being, which, in addition to providing you with the results you desire, is Dr. Bruno’s primary concern. To be considered a proper candidate for a BBL, you must:

The Brazilian Butt Lift Process Explained

Where Will The Fat For My Brazilian Butt Lift Come From?

Your liposuction will involve removing fat from problem areas that have accumulated. Even if you’re slim and trim, you likely have enough excess fat on your body necessary to harvest the minimal amount of fat needed for a Brazilian butt lift injection.

The ideal areas from which to remove fat for BBL are:

Transferring fat from these areas generally provides Beverly Hills patients with better results because Dr. Bruno can harvest more high-quality fat using his gentle liposuction technique.

How Is Fat For A Brazilian Butt Lift Harvested?

Dr. Bruno will preserve the structure of fat cells to ready them for transfer to your buttocks. Once he has harvested these fat cells, they must be gently strained and prepared for BBL injection. Dr. Bruno achieves the correct proportion by injecting fat cells precisely into the muscle and distributing them throughout the upper and lower buttocks. The entire Brazilian butt lift procedure typically lasts for 2-3 hours, and patients can normally return home on the same day*.

What Will My Surgery Day Be Like?

Since many of Dr. Bruno’s Beverly Hills Brazilian butt lift patients have never undergone surgery before, they are understandably curious and sometimes nervous about their surgery day. Don’t worry. Dr. Bruno wants you to be as educated as possible!

On the day of your BBL surgery, you’ll arrive at the surgical center after having fasted since midnight the night before, or 12 hours, whichever is longest. Fasting is necessary as you’ll be receiving general anesthesia for your surgery – a strong sedative medication – which, if you have food in your stomach, may cause complications.

When it’s ready for you to get prepped for surgery, you’ll be called back to the preoperative room, where a team of nurses and other medical professionals will prepare you for your procedure. This includes taking your vital signs to confirm you are healthy enough on surgery day for the procedure. When it’s time for the big surgery, you’ll walk back with the team to the operating room.

After a licensed anesthesiologist has administered you general anesthesia, you’ll quickly drift fast to sleep and be completely unaware of your procedure. Throughout the entire time you are under anesthesia, your vital signs will be monitored to ensure your complete health and safety.

Dr. Bruno will begin a Brazilian butt lift by first performing liposuction on the agreed open harvest site – the area on your body on which you both agree you have the most unwanted fatty deposits. Liposuction is performed by making small incisions in the treatment area and inserting a thin tube called a cannula. The cannula is moved in a back-and-forth motion to suction out the fat. The amount of fat that Dr. Bruno will remove depends on your unique treatment plan and your previously communicated desired results.

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*Individual results may vary

Your harvested fat will be immediately filtered and prepared for injection in your gluteal muscles after your liposuction is performed. If you aren’t already positioned on your stomach, the surgical team will reposition you, face down, so that Dr. Bruno can get to work, giving you your desired, shapely rear end. He’ll take the harvested and filtered fat and inject it in your gluteal muscles to give you a more curvaceous behind.

Once your BBL surgery is over, you’ll be wheeled into a recovery room and cared for by a recovery team of nurses and medical technicians. In this room, you’ll wake up face down (remember, you’re not allowed to put pressure on your buttocks for 2 weeks after your surgery) and recover from the effects of plastic surgery. Your vitals will also be monitored. You may experience some nausea as you come off the effects of general anesthesia, which is a completely normal side effect. For most Beverly Hills patients, a Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure*. Once your recovery team has deemed it is safe to do so, you’ll be released to go home for rest and relaxation. However, due to the strong general anesthesia you received for your surgery, you won’t be allowed to drive home. Instead, you’ll need a family member or friend to do that task for you.

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Dr. William Bruno


There’s so much more to being a great surgeon than just board certification. Not only is Dr. Bruno board-certified, but he also focuses on patient education and making sure you understand everything about the procedure of your choosing. Click the button to see what else makes Dr. William Bruno unique.

What Is The Recovery Like For A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Although you may feel ready to get back to work and resume normal activity a few days after surgery, you will need to spend about 2 weeks resting after a Brazilian butt lift. It is imperative that you do not put any weight on your buttocks during this time because the new fat cells can be easily damaged. Patients can use a modified pillow placed under the backs of their thighs for assistance sitting, lie down on their stomach or lie down on their side for the first 2 weeks after their BBL surgery. For the first 2-4 weeks, patients will wear a compression garment to limit swelling. After 4 weeks, most of the swelling will be gone, and you will be able to remove the compression garment.

How Long Will The Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

After six months, you will have the final results of your Brazilian butt lift. Most Beverly Hills patients do not experience changes after that unless they lose or gain significant amounts of weight. Dr. Bruno uses a specific technique that allows 70% of transferred fat cells to remain after your procedure.

You can do a few things to get the most from your Brazilian butt lift:

  • Keep the weight constant. After your Brazilian butt lift, a stable weight will give you lasting results for your liposuction and butt lift. If you lose weight, it’s likely that your buttocks will also lose fat. If you gain weight, then your buttocks may get larger.
  • Try not to sit normally for about 2 weeks after surgery. The longer you avoid sitting, the lower the chances that fat will be reabsorbed and negatively impact your results.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 8 weeks after surgery. Fat burning exercises can effectively kill the fat cells injected into your buttocks. Skipping exercise for a few months will ensure that essential blood supply is established to the new fat cells, improving their survival.

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Additional Facts And Frequently Asked Questions About The Brazilian Butt Lift

While the results will be immediate when patients walk out of Dr. Bruno’s office, the fullness will subside over the first several months as fat naturally burns off. After about six months, the Brazilian Butt Lift results patients see will typically be stabilized.

Dr. Bruno tells patients in Beverly Hills to expect to lose up to 30% of the fat transferred to their buttocks following a Brazilian butt lift. Maintaining a healthy diet and weight will help ensure patients will keep long-lasting results.

Dr. Bruno uses innovative techniques to give his patients optimal BBL results. Once you meet with him to discuss your needs, he will set up a comprehensive plan to give you the results you desire.

While there is no single size that’s perfect for everyone, there is a perfect size for every specific body type in order to look proportional.

A few things to consider regarding the size of a patient’s buttocks include:

  • Whether the patient has enough fat to perform a butt lift
  • How much fat the butt can handle, depending on the body frame or size of the hips
  • How the size of the buttocks will affect the overall shape of the body

The great thing about working with Dr. Bruno is he has the unique ability to help patients in Beverly Hills set realistic expectations before getting a Brazilian butt lift. During a consultation with Dr. Bruno, he will provide visuals to help each patient see how they will look with certain sizes of buttocks and provide recommendations accordingly.

With a BBL, it can take several months for the body to recover and settle into its final shape completely. At that point, patients can assess the results on their own and discuss them with Dr. Bruno. If there is any reason why Dr. Bruno believes a touch up is necessary; then he will recommend doing so. Some patients may also feel like a certain area could be enhanced so they can ask Dr. Bruno to do that for them.

Most patients in Beverly Hills are pleased with their results the first time, but Dr. Bruno is always willing to make adjustments to fulfill your needs.

The 10 most important tips to consider before BBL include:

  • Drinking fluids
  • Eating healthy
  • Refraining from smoking
  • Arranging assistance for the recovery period
  • Preparing the home for recovery
  • Exercising
  • Investing in comfortable clothing
  • Resting as much as possible
  • Having prescription medication accessible
  • Setting proper expectations
  • When patients in Beverly Hills work with Dr. Bruno, they will know exactly how to prepare for their butt lift to get their desired result. Preparation plays a large role in the outcome success of the procedure, so being diligent when preparing is important.

With Dr. Bruno on your side, you’ll have the proper expectations and will have his support from the initial consultation through the recovery phase. All your questions and concerns about your butt lift will be answered, and you will never feel like you’re alone during any part of the process with Dr. Bruno.

When Beverly Hills patients decide to get a butt augmentation, one of the main questions is whether implants last longer than fat injections. There are many different variables to take into consideration, so there’s no clear-cut answer across the board. Some of these variables include:

  • How skilled the surgeon performing the procedure is
  • How well the patient follows the post-operative instructions
  • Diet and exercise habits following the procedure

With implants, the volume will never be lost as it will with fat injections. However, there are other potential consequences with implants, like the possibility of having surgery to have them removed in certain situations.

Beverly Hills patients have to follow the recommendations provided by Dr. Bruno to achieve the desired results from their butt augmentation. Fat injections typically provide better results than implants, since implants have many more limitations. When Dr. Bruno performs butt augmentations on his patients, he will ensure the longest-lasting results through fat injections and recommend a customized recovery plan.

With Dr. Bruno on your side, you will not only be satisfied with the appearance following fat injections in your buttocks, but you’ll also enjoy long-lasting results.

There are benefits to each, but the advantages of injections far exceed the advantages of implants.

With BBL injections, the fat cells come from the patient’s own body, which can slim down areas with excess fat. These fat cells will also integrate with the body naturally, so there will be no shifting or unevenness. And from an appearance standpoint, injections look and feel more natural overall, so patients will feel more confident afterward.

Implants simply don’t provide the level of flexibility that injections do. This is one of the main reasons why Dr. Bruno suggests that his patients get injections as part of their butt augmentation. In general, patients in Beverly Hills are much more pleased with the outcome of injections, and there are virtually no complications compared to the potential complications presented with implants.

Many young women want this procedure, but they are yet to have children and are wondering how pregnancy will affect their Brazilian butt lift. If a pregnancy led to dramatic weight gain or weight loss, the results might change to be less noticeable than they would have otherwise been. However, the proportional increase in the size of your buttocks tends to remain in place after having children or gaining weight. In the end, it’s entirely safe for Beverly Hills women to get a Brazilian Butt Lift before having children.

One of the great things about a Brazilian Butt Lift is that the cells transferred are grafted fat cells from the patient’s body. They behave like normal fat cells. Which, unfortunately, means that they will shrink when weight is lost. Fat cells shrink across the body, not just in targeted areas. So, if a patient were to lose a significant amount of fat over her entire body, the butt would shrink as well.

It is still absolutely encouraged to exercise after BBL. However, dramatic weight shifts may affect the aesthetics. Muscle gain in the butt can help build or maintain a shapely butt without having to affect the fat cells, and exercise to lose weight is perfectly ok when in small amounts.

Overall, it is recommended that if a Beverly Hills patient wishes to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, they should get all massive weight loss out of the way before the procedure so they can keep their shapely behind for years to come.

Many Beverly Hills women may want a Brazilian Butt Lift. However, some patients are so fit and toned that they may not have much fat on their bodies at all. For these patients, where can that fat be taken from? Can it be taken from another person?

The answer is no. Donor cells will be identified as foreign by your body, mistaken for bacteria or a virus, and attacked. If patients were to receive donor cells, the blood supply would not form around the cells, and the immune system would simply kill the transplanted cells.

When cells are taken from a patient’s body, the cells are immediately accepted, and new blood supply will form around them. Luckily, not a lot of cells are needed to get the results necessary. Even people with a low body fat percentage may have enough fat somewhere to complete the procedure. Dr. Bruno will work with any Beverly Hills patient seeking BBL to find where those cells can be taken from, and what the effects will look like.

Generally, any patient with a BMI around 22 or higher is a good candidate for a butt lift. There are patients, however, who sit lower than that and they may still have enough fat to have the procedure.

If a Beverly Hills patient doesn’t have enough body fat, however, then there are still options. Often, gaining around 5-10 lbs. of fat will give the necessary amounts for BBL. In addition, silicone butt implants can provide amazing results for women with extremely low body fat. Alternatively, a combination of these techniques can be used to utilize as much fat as possible while still achieving the desired look. Dr. Bruno can help his Beverly Hills patients figure out their individual needs and treatments with a comprehensive consultation, so book one today.

Dr. Bruno Is Beverly Hills’ Choice For Your Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re interested in reshaping your body and achieving a rounder, fuller contour in your buttocks, contact William Bruno Plastic Surgery for a Brazilian butt lift consultation. Call our office in the Beverly Hills area at (310) 879-0937 or schedule your consultation online.