Both men and women will experience noticeable changes to their faces during the aging process. Typically this is seen in the form of loose skin, wrinkles and a loss of volume (fat) in the midface/cheek area. A facelift can help improve the overall appearance of the face and neck through a combination of different techniques. Through skin removal, soft tissue suspension, and fat transfer techniques, William Bruno, MD Medical Group Inc. can help rejuvenate your appearance with a Beverly Hills facelift.

*Individual results may vary

The trend in facelift surgery now places more emphasis on restoring lost volume and replacing tissues back to their natural position. A successful facelift does not rely on removing lots of skin and pulling the skin tight. There is typically only minimal skin removal performed during a facelift. Generally speaking, most patients will have some loose skin in the jowl area and some loose skin of the lower face and neck. This skin is carefully removed during a Beverly Hills facelift, however, restoring the lost volume in the face is perhaps more important during facial rejuvenation. This is accomplished by way of a fat transfer which removes fat from one area of the body (ex. abdomen) and then transfers it to another area (ex. face/cheeks). This is also combined with elevating the soft tissues of the face (called “SMAS”) to ensure a more youthful appearance to the midface and jawline. Since each person ages differently and has unique needs, Dr. Bruno will evaluate your face and neck and create a surgical plan tailored to your specific needs.

Some patients may need medical clearance from their primary physician prior to surgery. This generally includes and EKG and appropriate laboratory tests. The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, but occasionally can be done under local anesthesia with mild IV sedation. The procedure can take from three to five depending on the type of facelift performed. Also, patients may commonly have other procedures performed at the same time (ex. eyelid surgery).

Most patients will take one to two weeks to recover from a Beverly Hills facelift. Most patients are comfortable in social situations by the end of the second week, as most of the visible bruising has resolved. Oral pain medication is taken for about one week as well as oral antibiotics. A loose chin/neck garment is worn for a few days after surgery, and a plastic drain is typically removed a day or two after surgery- this exits the skin behind each ear. Most of the stitches will dissolve, however there are a few in the hairline that will be removed at one week.

The goal of a successful facelift is to look younger and natural. Patients will look like a younger, better version of themselves- they will not look like someone else. Patients who undergo this procedure range in age anywhere from 40-80. The best time to have a Beverly Hills facelift is before you need a facelift.

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