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If you have had an augmentation in the past and had them out, would having the surgery again to put them back in be as painful? Even if it is done under the muscle again?

A: pain Associated with a second breast augmentation

If you previously had subpectoral (under the muscle) breast augmentation, had them removed, and now want implants under the muscle again, it may be just as painful as your initial surgery. If the new implants are placed subglandular (in front of the muscle), then the recovery would be much easier for you. It’s difficult to say for sure because there may be some scar tissue from your first surgery surrounding your pectoral muscle, making that subpectoral pocket technically difficult to dissect. You should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon and obtain your previous operative reports to help outline the best surgical plan for you.

On a related note, patients who have implants and then want to increase the size of those implants usually have a very easy recovery in terms of pain.

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