If you’re considering getting breast implants, you’re likely researching what to expect before, during, and after the procedure to better prepare yourself for what lies ahead. One of the side effects you may read about, and eventually come across should you decide to receive implants, is sagging breasts. This is common because the tissue in the breasts naturally sags due to gravity.

Why does this occur? Your newfound battle with gravity has come to your attention for one simple reason: your breasts are larger. Imagine Newton’s apple as a breast, and you’re on your way to understanding this relatively common and perfectly normal side effect. Fortunately, you have a few options in front of you regarding this new reality if you feel it’s a concern.

Wear A Supportive Bra

One important thing to remember after getting breast implants is to provide your breasts with the extra support they now need. Shop around and spend some money on a supportive bra to help keep them up as much as possible. A supportive bra can keep your breasts in place while you’re around the house, or when you’re at work. But remember: when you remove your supportive bra, you’ll still likely see some sagging. Over time, the bra may help the connective tissue build strength and stay together enough to eliminate excessive sagging.

Understand What Causes Sagging

You should be mentally prepared for your breasts to sag at some point in time after you receive implants. Again, this is normal and is due to the newly introduced weight in your breasts and the strain it puts on your connective tissue. The tissues around the natural breasts and the breast implants will often cause sagging, but not for everyone. Most of the time, there’s not a lot you can do about it, and though some claim exercising can help, the reality is, it won’t. There aren’t any home remedies you can use to prevent sagging, so if this sagging becomes a big problem for you, it may be necessary to make a return visit to your doctor for further evaluation.

Consider Breast Augmentation Revision

Some women simply can’t deal with saggy breast implants. If your breasts are sagging excessively, or if you find yourself unhappy with their appearance, you may be able to get a breast lift or breast augmentation revision. But it’s important to note this procedure doesn’t necessarily correct the tissue problems. It will simply raise the breasts higher to give them a better appearance. For those who find the saggy appearance of their breasts the primary issue with their implants, this can sometimes solve the problem. As always, it’s best to consult with the doctor who performed the procedure so that the best options will be presented to you.

At William Bruno Plastic Surgery, we strive to give the best service to our Hollywood patients to achieve complete satisfaction. We understand many women have concerns about the possibility of sagging breasts after an implant procedure, so be sure to contact us to address any concerns.