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| william bruno plastic surgery

I went for my sizing yesterday and explained I did not want to go big and fake. I was told I have good breast tissue and with my height of 5’9″ and uneven breast should go with 455cc on left and 480cc on right, ultra high profile.

I am concerned this is going to be huge and fake, will be going under muscle. They looked good under the bra and with a top, but is this going to be the same once inserted?

William Bruno, MD answers: Ultra high profile Breast Implants for tall women?

A: High profile breast implants in a tall patient

I’m not sure what “ultra high profile” is but high profile implants in general tend to have a rounder/fuller look than moderate profile implants. The final implant size depends a lot on the cup size you would like to ultimately become. Looking at your photo, it appears that you are around a B cup, and that adding the implants that you selected, subpectoral, you’ll likely end up at a D cup.

The question of whether or not this will look too large or fake is something you should discuss further with your plastic surgeon. Your skin’s elasticity will ultimately guide the final implant size and your surgeon will use this factor in helping determine the best size for your frame.

Once the implant is inserted subpectorally, they will actually appear slightly smaller.

If you’re concerned, I suggest having a second consultation with your plastic surgeon and review some implants of different sizes before committing to those listed above.