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It seems like all the Hollywood A-List celebrities these days have curvaceous butts, it is no wonder you are interested in getting a butt augmentation with a Brazilian butt lift. After all, Brazilian butt lifts are the hottest thing to hit the Beverly Hills plastic surgery scene in a while. But, if you are a young woman planning to have children in the future, you may be wondering, “Will pregnancy affect my Brazilian butt lift results?” Is it too soon to think about getting that voluptuous Beverly Hills-worthy derrière?

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of women in Beverly Hills get the shapely bottoms they desire, and he is here to help you, too. Read on as we explain how pregnancy might affect your Brazilian butt lift results.

First Things First, What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

In case you have not read about the procedure before, let me explain it to you. A Brazilian butt lift is a butt augmentation in which fat is taken from your problem areas such as your abdomen, love handles, and thighs via liposuction, and then injected into your gluteal muscle. The result is a beautifully sculpted, natural-looking butt. Many patients love a Brazilian butt lift because it gives them the benefits of two procedures in one – liposuction of a problem area and a more curvaceous bottom!

What Type of Results Should I Expect From My Brazilian Butt Lift?

Unlike butt implant patients, Brazilian butt lift patients typically enjoy long-lasting results. The only time that Brazilian butt lift patients tend to see a change in results is if they gain or lose a dramatic amount of weight. This is why it is important that your weight has stabilized before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Don’t Let a Future Pregnancy Stop You from Getting the Butt You Want Now

Whether you are a mom who plans to have more children in the future, or you have not had any babies yet but want to somewhere down the line, it is safe for you to have a Brazilian butt lift now. There is no need for you to wait until you are finished having children to get a Brazilian butt lift. While it is true that women gain weight during pregnancy, most women do not gain an excessive amount of weight. And, much of that weight gain is the baby, amniotic fluid, and weight gained in the breasts and abdominal region – not the butt. It is much more likely that you will need a tummy tuck and breast augmentation after pregnancy than it is that you will need to get a revision to your Brazilian butt lift.

Should I Really Get A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Another way to think about it is, how unhappy are you with your current appearance now? If you have a flat butt that makes you feel uncomfortable, is it worth enduring years of more negative feelings just to hedge the slight risk that you may need a Brazilian butt lift revision in the future? Or, would you rather gain the confidence that a Brazilian butt lift can give you now, and live life to the fullest while you are still childfree? For many women, the right choice is to go with the procedure now.

Learn More About Brazilian Butt Lifts in Beverly Hills

If you are concerned about how pregnancy might affect your Brazilian butt lift results, the best thing for you to do is to talk to Dr. Bruno about your concerns in person. Call our Beverly Hills office today to schedule a free consultation.