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The Brazilian butt lift procedure has become increasingly popular in recent years. A great alternative to silicone butt implants, this plastic surgery procedure uses fat from your own body to add volume and shape to your butt, giving you the curves that you’ve been dreaming of.

While Dr. Bruno highly recommends this butt lift option to his Beverly Hills patients, as with any surgical procedure, there are potential complications that could occur. Because he believes in full transparency, Dr. Bruno wants to make you aware of some of those complications and what you can do during your recovery to prevent them.

1. Infection at the surgical site.

Because incisions (though small) are made in your buttocks and other areas of your body, it’s important that you are aware that an infection could occur at the incision sites. To prevent this complication from occurring, be sure to avoid submerging your bottom in water before Dr. Bruno gives you the okay.

Additionally, you should monitor your incisions sites and let Dr. Bruno know of any suspicious changes that don’t “look right.”

2. Uneven buttocks.

Dr. Bruno gives all of his Beverly Hills patients amazing results and nice, even glutes during butt lift surgery; however, there are cases in which patients end up with uneven buttocks due to actions taken during recovery. This can be prevented by avoiding direct pressure to both buttocks during your recovery period, and for the time recommended by Dr. Bruno.

While it can be daunting to avoid sitting down in a normal position, you must adhere to Dr. Bruno’s recommendations. Patients who choose to apply pressure too soon, or apply pressure to one side, could end up with buttocks that are uneven or misshapen.

3. Anesthesia risks.

While this complication is rare, it does happen. Many of Dr. Bruno’s Beverly Hills butt lift patients have never had surgery before and may not be aware of any adverse reactions they could have to anesthesia. However, the anesthesiologists who work with Dr. Bruno have the training and knowhow to properly sedated patients, even if they’ve never been under anesthesia before.

The most beneficial thing you can do to avoid a complication with anesthesia is to provide a complete medical history to Dr. Bruno prior to your butt lift so they can know how to properly sedate you.

4. Loss of transferred fat.

This complication can occur after a butt lift if Beverly Hills patients do not follow the post-operative directions given by Dr. Bruno. On average, butt lift patients lose about 30% of the fat transferred to their buttocks. This is to be expected, as it is known that not all fat cells will adhere to the existing fat in the buttocks.

Some steps you can take to help to avoid excessive loss of transferred fat is to wear your compression garments for the recommended amount of time after your butt lift. Also, do not smoke, as smoking reduces the amount of blood flow and oxygen to the surgical site, and fat cells need all the blood and oxygen they can get in order to survive. And lastly, do not put pressure on your buttocks, and do not engage in intense exercise until you’ve been given the okay. Both of these actions can kill fat cells before they’ve had time to settle in.

Choose Dr. Bruno For Your Butt Lift

When you choose Dr. Bruno for your butt lift surgery, you’ll have the best experience possible – from your initial consultation, until you see your final results. If you still have questions regarding potential complications after a Brazilian butt lift, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Bruno.

You can schedule a consultation by contacting a member of his friendly staff in Beverly Hills today. Make sure to visit our before and after photo gallery to see the results of patients who trusted Dr. Bruno for their butt lift!