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We know you’re ready for your Beverly Hills Brazilian butt lift so you can have the curves you’ve always desired. But, if you’re like some of Dr. Bruno’s patients, there’s one thing standing in between you and the silhouette you desire. Nicotine. Whether you smoke cigarettes, vape, use chewing tobacco or smoking cessation products that have nicotine in them, like nicotine gum, your habit can have serious side effects, not only on your Brazilian butt lift results but your safety during the surgery and recovery process.

If you have a smoking or other nicotine habit, we know you probably don’t want to hear another lecture about quitting from us. We get it. But the simple fact is, to be a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno, you’re going to have to say “Buh-bye” to your smoking habit, at least for a few weeks. Every Beverly Hills patient is unique, so his recommendations may vary based on your level of nicotine use. Dr. Bruno typically advises his patients to quit smoking – cold turkey without using any nicotine substitute products – for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after their Brazilian butt lift. But of course, as a physician, Dr. Bruno recommends, for your overall health, that you take advantage of your upcoming procedure to motivate you to kick your habit for good finally.

Why Is it So Important to Quit Smoking Before and After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

We all know that smoking causes cardiovascular problems and especially increases your risks of lung cancer, emphysema, and COPD. We’re not here to lecture you about that, though. We want to explain to you how smoking affects your Brazilian butt lift, so you’ll put those cigarettes down for a month or so, if not forever.

The main problem with smoking and a Beverly Hills Brazilian butt lift is that smoking causes your blood vessels to constrict. And trust us, when it comes to this particular procedure, you need your blood vessels to be as big and as healthy as they can possibly be! That’s because in order for the fat transfer to your buttocks to be successful, the fat Dr. Bruno harvests through liposuction and injects into your gluteal muscles needs to find a new blood supply. That means the blood vessels in your bottom need to be able to attach to the injected fat cells so that they live, thrive and add volume to your bottom.

If you’re still smoking at the time of your procedure, however, those desperately needed blood vessels are going to be super small, making it harder for them to attach to the injected fat cells. This means there’s a higher possibility that you’ll lose more fat cells than a nonsmoker does during a Brazilian butt lift, and you’ll end up with less than desired results. Additionally, smoking itself is known to cause the death of fat cells, and that’s the one thing you definitely don’t want as you’re waiting for your injected fat cells to find a new blood supply in your buttocks. Trust us; if you’re going to make the investment in your body by getting a Beverly Hills Brazilian butt lift, you don’t want to be smoking immediately before or after the procedure.

Of course, there are other health concerns that make smoking dangerous for plastic surgery. Smokers and other nicotine product users have an increased risk for infections following an elective plastic surgery procedure. Nicotine usage can also delay the healing of your liposuction scars, cause increased pain during your recovery and worst of all, cause blood clots to form, which can be fatal. Your overall health and safety is so important to Dr. Bruno that, even if you seem like an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift based on all other criteria, if you’re unwilling to give up your smoking habit for a few weeks, he’s not going to take you on as a patient because he doesn’t want to put you at risk for any of these (potentially life-threatening) complications.

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If you want a Brazilian butt lift, but have no idea how you’ll be able to quit smoking cold turkey without nicotine-based step-down products, don’t worry. We’re here to help and to be your cheerleading section and support team. Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bruno to discuss your Brazilian butt lift desires and your smoking habit, and ask for help getting enrolled in a smoking cessation program.

To schedule this first consultation, contact Dr. Bruno today.