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| william bruno plastic surgery

I went to a consultation for Breast Augmentation. I am currently less than an A cup. I am 5’6 and weigh 110 lbs. My surgeon said she wanted to give me a 320cc high profile silicone implant for a natural small C cup look. I was wondering you opinion on how “natural” versus fake this would look, since I noticed this sight said only about 5% of patients get high profile implants because of how unnatural they look.

A: high profile breast implants

There are reasons to use a high profile breast implant. If you have a narrow chest wall and/or narrow breast width, this may be a reasonable implant choice for you. Most patients seeking a more “natural” look will opt for the moderate or moderate plus profile breast implants, which are not as round as the high profile. However these implants may be too wide for your frame and breast width. Sometimes a high profile is indicated if a patient wants a larger size but has a small or narrow body type. You may discuss with your surgeon using a slightly smaller implant, perhaps 280cc, to minimize the chances of appearing too “fake”.

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