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Perhaps you have that perfect, toned Beverly Hills body except for one thing: your butt. Maybe it’s just too flat, not curvy enough, or otherwise doesn’t accentuate your curves to give you that hourglass shape you desire. These reasons are probably why you found this blog – you’re researching the Brazilian butt lift surgery to see if it’s the right fit for you. But you might be thinking, since your so skinny and toned, there’s no way Dr. Bruno will be able to use the fat transfer to buttocks process, in which he harvests fat from an unwanted area of your body, cleanses it and then injects it into your buttocks. After all, you have a perfect body mass index (BMI) and just don’t think you have any fatty site on your body where liposuction can be performed. Based on your unique case, you’re probably wondering if you can use donor fat, that is, fat that’s liposuctioned out of another person’s body, and have it injected into your buttocks for a Brazilian butt lift.

The answer to this common question amongst Beverly Hills residents who desire a Brazilian butt lift is “No.” But, don’t let that answer discourage you and your dreams of a curvier behind. Even though a Brazilian butt lift can produce big results,* the amount of fat that is required to be harvested for the procedure is actually very small. For those rare cases in which a potential patient simply doesn’t have enough fat to be harvest for a Brazilian butt lift, butt implants are always an option.

Why Can’t I Use Somebody Else’s Fat for My Brazilian Butt Lift?

When most Beverly Hills patients inquire about using donor fat for a Brazilian butt lift and are told they can’t, they often ask, “Why not?” The answer is that your body is extremely smart. You see, for a Brazilian butt lift to be successful, your body must accept the injected fat, and develop a new blood supply to it so those fat cells can live and thrive in your buttocks, providing you with the curves you desire.

When fat from one area of your body, such as your abdomen, is injected into your buttocks, your body recognizes the source of the fat to be from your body, and it accepts that fat and develops a new blood supply to it.

If you were to use donor fat for a Brazilian butt lift, such as from one of your friends, your body would immediately recognize that donor fat as a foreign object. And what does your body do when it recognizes a foreign object? Your immune system kicks into high gear, and it immediately attacks it. Not only does this mean that the blood vessels in your buttocks are less likely to form a blood supply to donor fat, but your immune system will likely kill the donor fat to eradicate the foreign object from your body!

Learning More About Brazilian Butt Lifts

We know that there is a lot of scientific, medical information to absorb to understand how a Brazilian butt lift works and that not everyone is scientifically inclined. Don’t worry! That’s exactly why Dr. Bruno spends so much time with his Brazilian butt lift candidates explaining the surgery in easy to understand terms so that they can be fully informed about the procedure before they decide to move forward.

If you’d like to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bruno to discuss the Brazilian butt lift procedure to determine if you have enough fat on your body for the surgery to be successful, call us today.

*Individual results may vary.