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Buttocks of young woman

When it comes to butt augmentation surgery, everyone in Beverly Hills is talking about the Brazilian butt lift. This popular procedure includes liposuctioning fat from your problem areas, including your abdomen, love handles, and thighs, and injecting that fat into your gluteal muscles. The results are a fuller, rounder butt that will turn heads!

The key to a successful Brazilian butt lift butt augmentation surgery isn’t necessarily how much fat you inject into your buttocks, but how much of that fat you retain. After this butt augmentation, between 30% to 40% of the injected fat atrophies, or shrinks. If you’re undergoing a Brazilian butt lift butt augmentation, you need to follow closely your doctor’s orders to make sure you retain as much of the injected fat as possible. Here are tips from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno about how to help fat survive after a Brazilian butt lift.

Avoid Sitting for Two Weeks

I know this advice might seem unrealistic. How can you possibly avoid sitting down for two whole weeks?! You will need to avoid sitting on your buttocks for two weeks so that you don’t place unnecessary and stress on your bottom, forever damaging the new fat grafts.

When you get a Brazilian butt lift butt augmentation, the new fat grafts immediately try to secure a blood supply before the fat runs out of nutrients. But it takes three to four days for blood vessels to grow into the new fat grafts. And those new blood vessels are initially very weak. It takes additional days for those blood vessels to strengthen, and for the extracellular matrix surrounding the fat graft to grow stronger to the point that it can endure more than just minor stress.

As you’re waiting for this process to occur naturally, you need to avoid sitting on your buttocks at all costs. We recommend that you use modified pillows under your thighs so that you avoid sitting directly on your butt, or that you sit on your side. We also recommend that you lie down on your side or your stomach instead of lying down on your back or you buttocks.

Avoid the Gym for Two Months

If you’re considering butt augmentation surgery, you’ve probably already spent hours in the gym doing squats and lunges trying to get a fuller, more rounded butt. Well, now’s the time to take a well-deserved break! Squatting or lunging can be damaging to the fat cell grafts that are transferred into your buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift. And, fat-burning cardio can inadvertently burn off the newly injected fat in your buttocks. This is why Dr. Bruno recommends that all of his Beverly Hills patients avoid any exercise for two whole months following their butt augmentation procedure.

Maintain a Stable Weight

Following a Brazilian butt lift butt augmentation procedure, most Beverly Hills patients don’t see a dramatic change in their results – unless they gain or lose a significant amount of weight. Before you undergo butt augmentation surgery, it’s important that you have a stable weight and that you have a nutrition plan in place to maintain that weight post-surgery. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose your newfound curves, would you?

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Dr. Bruno’s office is here to help answer all your questions about butt augmentation surgery. If you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift, call our Beverly Hills office today to schedule a free consultation.