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Buttocks of young woman

In Beverly Hills, it’s no secret the image is important. Simply saying the name carries with it indelible images of wealth and beautiful people, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look the part. With so much emphasis in celebrity news being placed on having a voluptuous behind, you may be considering taking the plunge with an augmentation. Before you do, though, you likely have questions.

Most Beverly Hills Brazilian Butt Lift patients already maintain a daily fitness regimen, so one of the most common questions is if exercise can undo the effects of the procedure. To answer it, we need to understand the procedure and how exercise affects your body.

How Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

Part of the reason this procedure has gained so much popularity is because it involves the harvesting of excess fat from your abdomen and love handles and then precisely injecting it into your buttocks. Over an 8 week period of time post-procedure, the injected fat cells will establish a proper blood supply and integrate into their new location. Anything more than light exercise during this time could compromise the survival of the new cells – and your increase in volume.

The Dynamics of Exercise and Fat Burning

Because fat cells are used to provide the volume increase in your buttocks, they are subject to being burned during exercise like any other fat cells. Here are some quick facts to help guide your post-procedure workouts:

  • Spot Training: while it’s frustrating that exercising certain areas of the body doesn’t guarantee fat loss in those areas, in this case, it works to your advantage – working your glutes, in and of itself, won’t diminish your results
  • Fat Burning Workouts: you may want to avoid short, intense workouts that focus on your major muscle groups – chest, back, and legs – as they are more likely to burn fat than longer aerobic or cardiovascular workouts
  • Uniform Fat Loss: even if you do lose volume in your buttocks through fat loss, it should be proportionate to the rest of your body and the new shape of your rear should stay mostly intact

The verdict, then, is that, while exercise can burn some of the volume gained through your procedure, thoughtful consideration and adjustment of your workout routine should allow you to stay fit without compromising your results.

If you have questions about this or other procedures, call the Beverly Hills Brazilian Butt Lift expert Dr. William Bruno today for a consultation. He’s here to help.