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| william bruno plastic surgery

My frame is only really small, 26inch around my rib cage, 5’5” and 7 stone (98 lbs). I want to go to a good 32 c cup. I’ve been told to have 270cc under the muscle but im not sure if i should have round standard implants or round high profile implants as im only small. I dont want them to look too fake though!

A: 3D imaging can help you visualize yourself with implants

Often times it is very difficult for patients to imagine what they will look like with breast implants.  You can look at photos of other patients, but this isn’t a very accurate way of deciding on breast implant size.  Especially if you are very petite, it can be difficult deciding on implant size. I use 3D computerized imaging which takes a photo of your torso, in 3D, then any implant size can be inserted to simulate your final outcome.  This is extemely accurate and helpful for patients to visualize what they will look like with a 250cc implant vs. 300 cc for example.

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