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One of the reasons the Brazilian Butt Lift has become so popular is because it uses excess fat from elsewhere on your body to give you an enhanced posterior. The results Dr. William Bruno can provide from the procedure look natural because they don’t come from artificial implants but your body’s own tissue. The use of fat, however, does tend to raise concerns in the minds of Beverly Hills Brazilian Butt Lift patients. Knowing that exercise can cause fat loss, the question naturally arises: “Are there exercises I should avoid after my procedure?”

Timing Is Key

Immediately after your surgery, walking is encouraged, but even light aerobic and weight training should be delayed for a few weeks. One of the most important things you can do to maximize your results is giving your body enough time properly recover. For the first 8 weeks, strenuous fat-burning exercise should be avoided. During this time, your body is establishing proper blood supply for the new fat cells – pushing too much can threaten the survival of these cells and ultimately diminish the volume you gained through the procedure.

Intensity Equals Fat Burning

Beginning or resuming a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet after your procedure is a great way to help maintain your results, but many current trends in fitness emphasize short intense workouts that turn your body into a fat-burning furnace. While specific exercises like squats can actually help you maintain your results, you should consider the following:

  • Interval Training: Workouts that alternate between periods of high intensity and short periods of rest are wonderful for overall fitness but they also kick your metabolism into high gear. These exercises are designed to burn fat, and this could affect the survivability of the fat transferred to your buttocks. An example of this is the popular sprint-walk workout.
  • Circuit Style Routines: This is where you move quickly between several exercises in quick succession, performing several rounds with minimal rest in between. Particularly circuits focusing on your 3 major muscle groups (chest, back, legs) are high-fat burners.
  • Heavy Weight Training: In the past, most women wouldn’t even consider this, but the advent of Cross Fit has made that a thing of the past. While lifting heavy weights, coupled with consuming enough good calories, can provide an increase in muscle volume and enhance your results further, it causes a residual calorie burn for about 72 hours post-workout.

What we aren’t saying is that exercise in general or even the above routine types will definitely diminish your results, but because fat burn is a function of calorie intake versus expenditure, it requires a fine balance. If you’re planning on working out heavily, you need to increase your calorie intake to prevent loss of volume. That said, Yoga, running, or routines that focus more on toning through high repetitions and low weight can be good alternatives for staying fit. In the end, though, even if fat is lost, because your body burns fat proportionally across itself, your new shape should still remain intact.

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