I am getting saline breast implants and I am very worried about the size. My surgeon says that I have 250ml of my own breast now and I want to be a full C to a D cup. To achieve this, he thinks no bigger than 275 ml. Do you think this sounds right? I am very worried thinking it could be too small when I see all of other people’s implant sizes.

A: Breast implant size

This is very difficult to answer without seeing or knowing your current cup size. Statistics show that the majority of breast augmentation patients wish they had gone larger with their implant selection. However, you can only go as large as your tissues will accommodate.

If you are unsure of the size, you need to return to your plastic surgeon, try on some other size implants (place them in a bra), until you and the surgeon are comfortable with the implant choice. It is very rare for a patient to end up being “too big”; more often than not, the patient feels they could have gone with a slightly larger implant.