brazilian-butt-liftBrazilian butt lifts are the talk of the town in Beverly Hills, and there’s a good reason why. With this butt lift procedure, fat is removed from your problem areas such as your abdomen, love handles and thighs via liposuction, then injected into your buttocks to give them a curvier, more voluptuous look. Brazilian butt lifts give you a natural looking butt that you’ll love showing off in your tightest jeans on the streets of Beverly Hills!

But if you’re considering getting a Brazilian butt lift, you may have already begun researching the procedure on the Internet or by talking about it with your friends. And you may have heard that weight loss can have a negative impact on a Brazilian butt lift. You may have even read that if you lose any fat, you’ll also lose the newly injected fat cells in your butt. So, that may leave you wondering, “Should I get a Brazilian butt lift now if I think I might lose some weight in the future?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place for help! Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of patients achieve the curvy bottoms they desire, and he’s here to answer all your questions about Brazilian butt lifts, too.

How Weight Loss Affects a Brazilian Butt Lift

Any time your body loses weight, you lose fat cells. But don’t let this scare you away from getting a Brazilian butt lift now. If you plan on gradually losing a few pounds over an extended period, you likely won’t see any change in your newfound curves. In fact, your body will probably look even better as you slowly slim down. It’s perfectly safe to resume a diet and exercise regime after your two-month recovery period from a Brazilian butt lift.

However, weight loss does become a problem for Brazilian butt lift patients in Beverly Hills when it is excessive. If you have a high BMI, for example, and you’re planning to lose a significant amount of weight in the near future, say 50 pounds or more, then you may, in fact, lose the newly transferred fat in your buttocks, too. If this sounds like your situation, then now might not be the best time for you to get a Brazilian butt lift. It may be wise to wait until your weight has stabilized.

Think about it this way. Ultimately you want to have a body that makes you feel more beautiful and confident. Are you going to meet that goal by having a Brazilian butt lift now, which only provides temporary results? Or, are you going to feel more confident and more beautiful if you lose your excess weight, then sculpt your body through a Brazilian butt lift and perhaps even a tummy tuck in the future? Chances are, you’re going to be happier with your results if they are long lasting, and occur after your excessive weight loss.

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