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While some women are naturally endowed with a tight, voluptuous behind, the reality is that most women do not have the rear end they’d like. Add to that the fact that, as we age, the butt begins to sag, and you’re often left with women who are not happy with their overall figure.

Many Beverly Hills women suffering from a sagging bottom want to know why it has happened to them, and how a butt augmentation can help restore their butt to its youthful glory. Keep reading as we discuss more about butt augmentation with Dr. Bruno and answer this common question.

So How Did I End Up With This Sagging Butt?

Most of the time, a sagging butt is caused by mere genetics, and some butt shapes just tend to sag more than others.

However, if you once had a nice, round behind, and have noticed a substantial sag back there as you’ve aged, your sagging butt is most likely the result of gluteal muscle atrophy or excess body fat.

If you haven’t prioritized exercise in your life, and if you lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, muscles can atrophy, which means they lose size and strength due to lack of use. When the muscle deteriorates, it sags. This can happen anywhere on your body, but many Beverly Hills women mostly notice it in their bottoms.

In addition to muscle atrophy, saggy butts can be caused by excess fat. If you are not actively engaging your muscles on a regular basis, and they have atrophied, what usually goes along with that is weight gain. Fat tissue is not dense, and because it forms between the muscles in the butt and the external layer of skin, it promotes a saggy butt.

Many women are able to resolve their sagging butt by making lifestyle changes. However, sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough, and the only way to achieve ideal curves is through butt augmentation with Dr. Bruno. If you think your sagging butt could be helped through butt augmentation, you should know a bit more about the specific procedure Dr. Bruno uses to create better shape and add fullness to the bottom.

The Best Option For Butt Augmentation – Brazilian Butt Lift

When you visit Dr. Bruno’s office in Beverly Hills for your initial butt augmentation consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you have about the procedure. Dr. Bruno is careful to develop an instant rapport with his potential patients so they can feel comfortable asking him anything and explaining their ultimate goals with a butt augmentation.

While there are several methods used to provide fullness to the derrière, the most popular (and the best) option for women in Beverly Hills is to undergo a Brazilian butt lift. Unlike silicone implants that are surgically inserted into the buttocks, Dr. Bruno will use fat taken from another area of your body through liposuction and use it to fill in areas of your butt that need enhancement. Every Brazilian butt lift Dr. Bruno performs will consist of an individualized approach in which he will:

  • Target problem areas for liposuction
  • Outline the changes needed for a sculpted butt
  • Review the procedure and recovery period for the butt augmentation procedure

Call Dr. Bruno in Beverly Hills Today

If you have a sagging butt and haven’t been able to strengthen it through diet and exercise, Dr. Bruno can help by performing a butt augmentation.

Call his office today to book your initial consultation and see results of Dr. Bruno’s very own patients in our before and after photo gallery.