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If you’ve been spending hours at the gym trying to get a sexier derrière, you may be frustrated to find that there’s no amount of squats or lunges you can do to give your flat butt the shape you want. You may be wondering, “What’s the point of all this exercise?” Well, you’re not alone. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of people just like you get the contoured butt they want through butt augmentation surgery.

What is Butt Augmentation?

Butt augmentation is a procedure that helps give you the rounded bottom you desire. There are three types of butt augmentation procedures – butt implants, a traditional butt lift and the Beverly Hills must-have Brazilian butt lift. But as you’ll see as you read below, not all butt augmentation procedures are equal.

Butt Implants

Butt implants used to be the most popular butt augmentation surgery. With this procedure, solid silicone implants – which are different from breast implants – are inserted through an incision in your upper, inner butt crease. The result is a rounder, firmer butt that will look great in your tightest jeans.

While you may love the results from butt implants, this butt augmentation procedure does have a more difficult recovery period. First, drains are placed and must remain inserted for seven to ten days. You also can’t sit on your butt for three weeks. Instead of sitting on your bottom, it is recommended that you use pillows under your thighs to modify your seated position, sit on your side and that you lie on your side or stomach as opposed to lying on your back and buttocks.

Traditional Butt Lift

If your problem is a flat butt, then a traditional butt lift, or glueteoplasty, probably isn’t the right procedure for you. A traditional butt lift is when fat and extra skin is removed from the buttocks, both from surgical incisions and liposuction. Typically, patients in Beverly Hills who have glueteoplasty don’t have flat bottoms but have extra skin and fat that needs to be removed after having lost a significant amount of weight.

While a traditional butt lift is a fine procedure to get rid of unwanted fat and skin, it’s not the best procedure for giving you a firmer rear end. If you have a traditional butt lift, you may find that you still lack the voluptuous curves that you desire.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Everyone in Beverly Hills is talking about Brazilian butt lifts, and there’s a good reason for it. With this butt augmentation procedure, fat is liposuctioned out of your problem areas, such as your abdomen, love handles or thighs, and then injected into your gluteal muscles. The result is a natural-looking, contoured butt that will turn heads!

With a Brazilian butt lift, you have the added benefit of having liposuction, so your overall butt and hip area will be more visually appealing. You still have some recovery requirements, though, and you can’t sit on your butt for two weeks after surgery. You also can’t exercise for two months. But after all that time you’ve spent in the gym trying to get a voluptuous butt, you deserve a break anyway!

Call To Schedule a Butt Augmentation Consultation

If you’re ready to finally get rid of your flat rear end, then call our Beverly Hills office today to set up a free consultation with Dr. Bruno. He’ll help you determine which butt augmentation procedure is right for you, and give you the curves you’ve been dreaming about and make them a reality.