I have been reading a about high profile silicone breast implants and the long term negative affects on tissues.

I understand how this could be true if one started out as an A cup and used a 350cc implant. However, if you start out with moderate skin laxity with a B+ cup, are high profile implants going to cause the same long term damage?

I am 5’6” and 125 lbs. I currently have 375cc moderate plus silicone. I find they are too wide for my frame. I am considering the high profile and slightly smaller.

A: High profile breast implants

High profile implants, which have more projection, are more appropriate for women with narrower breasts or chest walls. To convert from a moderate plus to a high profile will not make a significant difference in projection or width, perhaps a few millimeters in each direction. However, if you want to be smaller in overall size or volume, then certainly converting to a smaller implant will achieve your goal.

While going smaller, you can then convert to high profile if you prefer; long term this will not have any significant detrimental effects on your breast tissue. Your skin and tissue have already been stretched with a 375cc implant, so downsizing to say 325cc should be well tolerated.

Please be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon prior to converting your implants in the future.