For patients in Beverly Hills, breast implants offer the opportunity to rejuvenate their body after nursing; have a fuller, larger chest; and have greater confidence in their appearance.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery has provided surgical procedures to thousands of patients. Breast augmentation, lift, reduction, and revision are among our most typical surgeries. In every procedure, we prioritize patient safety; a personalized, small practice experience; and effective, high-quality results.

Dr. Bruno begins every patient relationship with an initial consultation and conducts a series of pre-surgical appointments, both to ensure that the patient is a good fit for the procedure and to plan for surgery. These visits also allow patients to ask questions about breast implants. Below, Dr. Bruno addresses some of the most common questions.

What Is The Difference Between A Saline And A Silicone Breast Implant?

Saline breast implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. Silicone implants are made of a cohesive, thick gel. Both are FDA approved.

Many patients who choose breast implants prefer silicone due to their natural feel. The FDA now requires patients be at least 22 years of age to be eligible for silicone breast implants. Whichever implant Dr. Bruno uses for your procedure will be medically proven for treatment with years of scientific research.

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Can Breast Implants Rupture?

The rupture rate of breast implants is low across all implant types, but the risk increases over time. Silicone implants have even lower rupture rates than saline implants, but saline implant ruptures are not as harmful as silicone implant ruptures. Saline is a body-safe material that the body absorbs and processes without harm, while the silicone gel used in silicone implants can irritate the surrounding tissue.

Silicone ruptures are also more difficult to detect than saline ruptures because of their makeup and material. As a result, the only definitive way to know if a silicone breast implant is ruptured is by way of a specialized imaging study called an MRI. The FDA recommends getting an MRI three years after surgery in order to evaluate the implant.

What Type Of Breast Implant Should I Get?

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, including round; tear drop-shaped and smooth versus textured.

The implant Dr. Bruno chooses for your procedure will depend on your unique body type and the goals you discuss in your office visits. He has years of experience performing procedures for Beverly Hills breast implant patients and can guide you in the decision. In particular, he will recommend implants that are a match for your physique, that offer a lower risk of complications, and that give more natural-looking results.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture is the term for hard scar tissue that can form around breast implants. The implants can feel hard to the touch and may look asymmetric or distorted in severe cases.

Dr. Bruno advises Beverly Hills breast implant patients about ways to avoid capsular constriction. Typically, he recommends massaging your implants after surgery and potentially taking medications that can reduce this outcome.

Mammograms Or Breast Feeding After Implants

You can still have mammograms after getting breast implants. There is a special mammography protocol that outpatient imaging centers routinely perform for women with breast implants.

Most patients can still breastfeed after having breast implants. The location of the incision and the implant can affect breastfeeding, however, and so it is important to discuss this concern with Dr. Bruno during your consultation.

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Restoring Breast Fullness Lost After Pregnancy

Throughout a woman’s life — and especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding — the size and shape of her breasts can change. Breast size is determined by how much fatty tissue there is. Making milk creates denser tissue in the breasts. Following breastfeeding, both the fatty tissue and connective tissue in the breasts may shift. Her breasts may or may not return to their pre-breastfeeding size or shape. Some women’s breasts stay large, and others shrink. But sagging or staying full can be as much a result of genetics, weight gain during pregnancy, and age as a result of breastfeeding.

Beverly Hills patients who want to regain the youthful, pre-pregnancy look of her breasts may look to plastic surgery. Breast Implants can be the answer these women are looking for. The fullness of a woman’s breast can be affected by the loss of tissue, and breast implants can help to add both mass and to shape the breast into the desired shape.

Naturally shaped breast implants can help contour the breast and provide a natural looking fullness to the breast. These may also be called teardrop shaped implants.

For women who have lost mass and are worried that their breasts appear to sag, then round implants can help to provide fullness along the type by adding mass upward in the tissue.

Moms of all needs who want breast implants in Beverly Hills should schedule a consultation to with Dr. Bruno today to discuss how they can restore the fullness to their breasts and get back their youthful look.

What Is The Lifespan Of Breast Implants?

Beverly Hills women seeking breast implants will be concerned about the long-term care of their new implants. How long will these implants really last?

Well, breast implants are not lifetime devices. In general, it is thought that implants last approximately 10 years or should be replaced every 8 to 10 years. A ruptured saline implant is clinically obvious as the breast will deflate and there will be great asymmetry. A ruptured silicone implant is more difficult to determine and will require a scan every few years to check for leaks.

Hardening of tissue around the implant may cause it to rupture or will at least cause tightness, pain, and tenderness around the breast. In this case, removal is recommended. This hardening is mostly scar tissue caused by the implantation process and disturbance by the implant.

Implants may develop wrinkles or folds if they are damaged or are not filled properly. This can lead to rupture and is why implants should be filled completely as they are implanted.

Finally, implants may change position over the lifetime of the patient. Sagging will still occur; it can’t be stopped. In this case, a breast lift or replacement of the implant may be necessary.

These issues are a concern but are relatively uncommon. Patients seeking breast implants should seek a consultation today at Dr. Bruno’s Beverly Hills office, where they can have all their questions and concerns addressed from a board-certified professional.

How Can I Know Which Breast Implant Size Best Fits Me?

The biggest and most important concerns for women in Beverly Hills seeking breast implants are, how big will they be and what size should I get? Some women are concerned that their breasts may not be big enough, with others worrying that implants too big will give a fake appearance. The individual desires of women seeking the implants determine exactly what type of implant they will need, and Dr. Bruno can help women who visit to figure out their ideal size during their consultation.

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters of material, abbreviated CC. The most popular implant size is between 350-400CC. This should give a size between a medium to a large C cup. However, this does not have to define the type of implant that any individual patient should get.

It is not recommended to try measuring oneself at home through homemade methods. It will not give a good idea of the size a breast implant will provide and cannot give anyone an idea of how they’d really look. Patients are encouraged to come in for a consultation with Dr. Bruno at his Beverly Hills office to discuss the options for breast implants. He can help patients discover what they really desire for their specific breast implant needs and will give a recommendation for the proper implant type and size to achieve those goals.

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What Is The Difference Between Smooth And Textured Implants?

Women in Beverly Hills seeking breast implants at Dr. Bruno’s office may inquire about the types of breast implants available. Beyond the 3 different materials of breast implants, the various sizes, and the 2 different shapes, there is another factor to consider, the feel and texture. There are 2 different implant textures to be considered: smooth or textured implants.

Smooth implants are, as their name suggests, smooth along their outer surface. These implants allow for a natural look and feel and can sometimes last longer. However, smooth implants may sometimes ripple, and there is a slight risk of the implant shifting over time.

Textured implants have a grained outer shell that sticks to body tissue and is assured to stay in the same place. However, they tend to feel firmer and don’t display a natural movement like smooth implants. This is the natural texture for teardrop shaped implants, as their orientation is important.

Patients don’t often need to worry about the textured surface of the implant they are receiving. If there are any concerns about what type of texture an implant will have and what effects that may have on the patient’s experience, Dr. Bruno will answer those questions and address any other concerns in his comprehensive consultation. Women seeking breast implants in Beverly Hills should contact the office of Dr. William Bruno today to schedule a consultation and achieve the desired breast look and body aesthetic they desire.

Will Breast Implants Have A Negative Impact On Milk Production?

Mothers seeking breast implants in Beverly Hills should be aware of the possible implications and effects of breast implants on their children. Chief among new mothers or soon-to-be mothers is the ability to produce milk. This is an especially important concern for women who have received implants in the past and are just now having children. Can they produce milk and breastfeed their children through implants?

The answer is, most likely, yes. Most women can still breastfeed just fine, as the surgery usually doesn’t involve the ducts, or the areas of your breast involved in milk production. In addition, the saline solution or silicone in breast implants is unlikely to leach into the milk. So, there’s no reason to be concerned about breastfeeding a child with implants.

However, for women who plan to have children, or who have children that may be breastfeeding, it is important to let Dr. Bruno know this information. The type of incision can affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed if the incorrect incision is made. With the proper information, Dr. Bruno can choose the proper incision to minimize the effect on a patient’s milk production.

Mothers or soon to be mothers seeking breast implants should understand all of the implications of surgery on their bodies and their abilities as mothers. If Beverly Hills patients should seek breast implants at Dr. Bruno’s practice, they will have all of their concerns and questions answered during his comprehensive consultation, so call today.

Can Breast Implants Improve The Shape Of My Breasts?

Women seeking breast implants in Beverly Hills may want different things out of their implants. For some, it’s all about size and increasing the size of their chest. For some women, however, the shape of the breast is of major concern. Mothers after pregnancy, older women, or younger women with unfortunate genetics may have breasts that sag or look deflated. Though some of these patients may also need a breast lift surgery, implants can play a major part in shaping the breast.

There are two distinct shapes of breast implants: round and teardrop.

Teardrop shaped breast implants allow for a more natural look to the breast. They are not generally the most popular type of implant, but some women prefer them to keep achieve a natural looking breast with increased volume.

Round implants are less natural looking but allow for larger size, and definitely shape the breast to a more rounded profile. In extreme cases, this may look less natural, but a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Bruno can make them look natural and aesthetically pleasing like normal breast tissue.

Women need not be concerned about the shapes of their breasts. Modern technology and the techniques of board certified surgeons like Dr. Bruno have unlocked the secret to long-lasting, youthful, beautiful, shapely breasts for anyone who goes to his Beverly Hills clinic. Women who want better breasts should schedule a consultation and find out what is possible for them, today.

Contact William Bruno Plastic Surgery for a discussion about breast implants. Beverly Hills office can be reached at (310) 905-8961.