Each year over 300,000 women in the United States undergo breast augmentation. The surgery involves inserting saline or silicone breast implants under or in front of the chest muscle in order to increase the breast size. Beverly Hills breast augmentation is recommended to patients who are not satisfied with their size, who have lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy or nursing, or who want a fuller look both in and out of clothing.

This is a very helpful tool for determining size and helps you to visualize your results more accurately.
Breast augmentation can be a very satisfying procedure for women of all ages. Please call our office at 310-461-3855 to arrange a consultation in Beverly Hills with Dr. Bruno for more in depth information and a complete evaluation.

Breast Augmentation can help in the following ways:

  • Enlarge the breasts for an enhanced and balanced body shape.
  • Minimize the effects of pregnancy and nursing upon the breast.
  • Achieve better breast symmetry through the equalization of breast size (cup size) differences.

How is the procedure done and where is it performed?

Breast augmentation is usually performed at an outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia. The procedure is typically completed in one hour. There are several options for the incision to insert the implant. One technique makes use of an incision in the lower portion of the breast crease, also known as the inframammary fold. This incision can improve your ability to breast feed in the future and has a slightly lower incidence of capsular contracture (hard scar tissue). A less popular technique for breast augmentation consists in making an incision in the armpit, this approach can occasionally give the appearance that the implants are too far apart. Another approach requires that the incision be made around the areola (periareolar), which is the darker skin surrounding the nipple. Dr. Bruno will review the advantages and disadvantages of each incision and make recommendations based on your unique anatomy.

Where will the incision be located and how noticeable will the scar be?

The two most common approaches are through the lower border of the areola or in the breast crease, called inframammary fold. It’s difficult to determine if one incision is better than another for breast augmentation, since each patient’s anatomy and needs are slightly different. Both scars tend to heal quite well, especially with the help of silicone gels and silicone tape used after surgery. Dr.Bruno can evaluate you and determine which incision is best for you.

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Are saline implants safer than silicone implants?

Both saline and silicone breast implants are safe and FDA approved. There have been thousands of studies performed on breast implants, especially silicone, and there are no health risks associated with either implant.

Do I have to replace my breast implants every 10 years?

No. You do not have to replace your breast implants unless you want to change the size or develop a complication such as a deflation or capsular contracture (scar tissue). If you do not have any problems with your implants you do not have to replace them.

What is capsular contracture and how can I avoid it?

Capsular contracture is the term for hard scar tissue that can form around breast implants. This occurs in about 10% of all patients who undergo breast augmentation. The implants can feel hard to the touch and may look asymmetric or distorted in severe cases.It happens more often with implants inserted through the areola and implants placed in front of the pectoral muscle. In addition to massaging your implants after surgery there are some medications Dr.Bruno can recommend to you to help reduce capsular contracture.

breast-augmentation-beverly-hills*Individual results may vary

Can I get mammograms after breast augmentation?

Yes. There is a special mammography protocol for women with breast implants. It is performed routinely at all outpatient imaging centers since so many Beverly Hills women now have breast implants.

Can I still breast feed after having breast augmentation?

Most  Beverly Hills patients can still breast feed after having breast implants depending on the incision and the location of the implant. Dr.Bruno can discuss this in more detail during your consultation.

Where is the implant placed and which implant is best, saline or silicone?

During breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, Dr. Bruno carefully dissects the breast tissue in order to create a space under the breast tissue (subglandular) or beneath the chest wall muscle (subpectoral). Most breast implants are placed under or behind the pectoral muscle. Through the insertion of an implant behind each breast, a woman’s breast size can be increased by one or several bra cup sizes. There are two general categories of breast implants- saline and silicone. Saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. Silicone implants are made of a cohesive, thick gel and have been reapproved by the FDA in 2006. Many patients who undergo breast augmentation prefer silicone implants due to their very natural feel. The FDA now requires Beverly Hills patients to be at least 22 years of age to be eligible for silicone breast implants.

How can you tell if a silicone implant is ruptured?

The only definitive way to know if a silicone breast implant is ruptured is by way of a specialized imaging study called an MRI. The FDA recommends getting an MRI three years after surgery in order to evaluate the implant. A deflation or rupture with a saline implant is much easier to detect and does not require an MRI.

Are there different shapes of breast implants?

There are different shapes and surface textures of breast implants used during breast augmentation. The most commonly used implants have a smooth surface and a round shape. The anatomic or “tear drop” shaped implants have a tendency to rotate out of position which may require surgery to correct. Especially since most breast implants are placed in a subpectoral (under the muscle) location during a breast augmentation -round, smooth implants are preferred. There are also different “profiles” of implants such as high profile and moderate profile breast implants. Dr.Bruno will review these options in more detail during your consultation.

What is recovery like and how much time should I take off from work?

A surgical bra is provided after surgery, which is similar to a sports bra, and is worn for four weeks. This type of bra has no underwire and is much more comfortable during the immediate postoperative period. Pain medication and occasionally muscle relaxants are taken for a few days after surgery. Most patients can return to work and drive a car in about three days. There is typically one stitch that is removed one week after surgery. Beverly Hills patients are instructed to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity with their upper body for approximately four to six weeks after breast augmentation. Patients are instructed to massage their implants after breast augmentation as this helps reduce the formation of hard scar tissue (capsular contracture). The breast implants may at first appear high and firm to the touch for the first few weeks. By around the second or third month after Beverly Hills breast augmentation the implants will look and feel very natural.

Additional Facts and Questions about Breast Augmentation

How Do I Prevent Unnecessary Sagging After Getting Breast Implants?

One of the natural effects of getting breast implants is having sagging breasts at some point. Women in Hollywood often try to figure out how to prevent it from happening, but the added weight and strain placed on the connective tissue can potentially create some sagging.

While there aren’t necessarily any home remedies to fix or prevent sagging from occurring, one solution to enhance the appearance of the breasts is to get a breast augmentation. A breast augmentation doesn’t fix the tissue problems, but the procedure can place the breasts in a different position to enhance their appearance.

Having sagging breasts is nothing to be concerned about since it’s completely normal if you’ve had breast implant surgery. Dr. Bruno is always available to help enhance and restore your natural beauty, and can easily do so with breast augmentation. He has helped many women in Hollywood completely transform their bodies and enhances sagging breasts routinely.

When you work with Dr. Bruno, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your breast implants will be successful and can easily be enhanced as needed when your body changes over time. Read more.

How Can Breast Implants Enhance My Self Image?

With all the pressures in society today, women in Hollywood often look at themselves in the mirror to see how they can improve their appearance. The most popular consideration is getting a breast augmentation. When women get breast implants for the right reasons, they can enhance their self-image by making them feel much more confident with their own body.

Feel Satisfied and Confident

Women in Hollywood should get breast augmentation because they want to enhance their body, not because societal pressures force them to. When women get breast implants for their own reasons, they tend to feel more satisfied with the results and have an increased sense of self-confidence.

One of the best ways to ensure patients make the right decision is to talk about breast implants with family members, trusted friends and their doctor. The additional support and conversation can help patients discover the real reason why they want breast implants and move forward with the procedure accordingly.

Dr. Bruno uses his experience and expertise as a plastic surgeon to transform your body into the perfection you desire. Whether you need a boost of confidence or an enhancement of your self-image, Dr. Bruno can help. Read more.

Breast Augmentation Incision Locations

There are two types of incisions patients in Hollywood must decide between when getting a breast augmentation: the inframammary incision and the areola incision. Both incisions provide great results, so the decision ultimately comes down to the patient’s personal preference regarding the location of the incision.

The inframammary incision can be completely hidden if the breasts have deep folds, which isn’t the case for every breast augmentation procedure. The areola incision is hidden more easily since the location allows the areolar tissue to make it less visible.

Both incisions are common, and neither one is necessarily better than the other. The incision location patients in Hollywood choose depends largely on their lifestyle. When discussing the options with Dr. Bruno, he will ask questions to determine which incision is best and to ensure his patient has the proper expectations.

The incision location is an important decision to make, but it’s also not a decision you need to over-think. When you work with Dr. Bruno, you can rest easy knowing he will make the best recommendation and follow through with great techniques and results. Read more. 

4 Physical Considerations to Keep in Mind when Getting Breast Implants

Women in Hollywood have many things to think about when it comes to getting a breast augmentation. It’s easy to only think about how others will perceive their new appearance, but there are personal physical considerations to keep in mind as well.


Having proportional breasts can boost a woman’s self-esteem and help her be happy with her body in general. The breast size should match the size of the body closely for the best results.

Select the Right Size

The choice of breast size is completely personal. However, bringing along a family member or trusted friend can ensure the right size is chosen by listening to their opinions.

Think About the Incision Location

The incision location is important because it determines how visible it will be following the procedure. Dr. Bruno discusses incision locations thoroughly with his patients.

Consider the Recovery

No two women in Hollywood recover the same way following breast augmentation. Dr. Bruno will set a specific recovery plan, so be sure to follow it completely.

With all the physical considerations to make during a breast implant procedure, having Dr. Bruno on your side is always a comforting factor. Read more. 

What Causes Breast Implant Rippling and How Can I Reduce the Risk?

When a patient in Hollywood gets breast implants, they typically want them to look natural and appear as if no work has been done to them. One thing that can affect the appearance of breast implants is something called rippling. Rippling occurs when the implant shows through the skin and will appear as ripples near the bottom of the breast implant.

The type of implant, the placement, and the size all can cause rippling. Saline implants usually create a rippling effect more than silicone implants. When the implants are placed on top of the chest muscle, the ripples could show more since there is less tissue to cover them. Also, the larger the implant size, the greater the chances are of rippling.

During a breast augmentation with Dr. Bruno, patients can feel confident knowing he takes the time to ensure full satisfaction from start to finish. Working with Dr. Bruno and his expertise is the best way to reduce the risk of rippling.

Hundreds of patients in Hollywood have gone through a successful breast augmentation with Dr. Bruno, so don’t delay transforming your body and appearance. Read more. 

What Are the Most Popular Implant Sizes?

Many patients in Hollywood often know they want a breast augmentation, but they don’t know what size their implants should be. The reality is the size of the implants is completely dependent upon the patient’s preference. Some people prefer to have disproportionately oversized breasts, just because they want a large size.

For comparison purposes, the average size of breast implants is between about 350 cc to 400 cc. This is equivalent to a small-to-large C cup. Of course, since every woman has a different body type, the average implant size may or may not be proportionate to the body. This is where the expertise of Dr. Bruno enters the picture.

Dr. Bruno will discuss every aspect of a breast augmentation with his patients before performing the procedure. He wants his patients to have an image in mind for their body, so he can work to achieve it. He also takes the time to ensure his patients are comfortable and confident with the appearance of their implants so that the results will match the expectations.

When working with Dr. Bruno in Hollywood, you’ll feel confident knowing the breast implants you receive are the perfect size for you. Read more. 

Feel free to ask Dr. Bruno more details about the recovery process during your consultation or call our office in Beverly Hills at 310-461-3855 for more information.

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