I am 28, 5’8″, weighing 136 lbs, with smooth Saline Breast implants (425cc each), under the muscle. I went from a 36A to 36C. I am facing revision 10yrs later.

My left breast is bottoming out about 1/2inch. I am going with the memory gel implant, under the muscle with a repair to the left. My surgeon wants to go slightly larger to push me to a small D cup to add volume and close the gap/add cleavage.

Does the profile matter? Would I be able to get a high profile implant with less CC to get the same affect? I want to do everything I can to avoid another bottoming out!

A: Breast Implant style and bottoming out

Implant size, not implant style, may have more to do with bottoming out in your case. Once the inframammary fold is repaired or reset, a smaller (and therefore lighter) implant will help prevent this problem from recurring in the future. The difference between high profile and moderate plus profile is a matter of millimeters. The most important treatment here is the surgical repair of the fold, not so much the implant style choice.