I’m worried that if I get breast implants they will give me a top heavy look (my friend calls it the stripper look!), so, I’m trying to figure out what size breast implants should I get.  Is there a rule of thumb or tips for choosing breast augmentation sizes? What are my options in breast implant size?

A: Breast implant size

Breast implant size is determined by both your plastic surgeon (board certified) and you the patient. The implant should conform to your particular anatomy and body type. The implant can only be as large as your tissues/skin will accomodate. Often times patients want large implants that don’t necessarily correspond to their body type or are too large for the skin envelope or tissues.

There are certain measurements your surgeon will take such as breast width, which help guide the implant selection process. Once you have agreed upon a range of implant sizes based on your anatomy, the surgeon should use a sizer or a temporary implant that is inserted during the actual surgery to assess the elasticity of your tissues. This sizer helps to guide the ultimate size selection and helps to accurately shape and develop the pocket where the implant will reside.

Please consult with one or more local plastic surgeons to discuss which size is best for you. You may also try on some of the different size implants before hand in the office to get a rough idea of how the implants will look when completed.

Best wishes!