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| william bruno plastic surgery

Is it possible to only change the rotation of the tip without having to break any bones? I am Hispanic and do have a slightly wide nose and the tip is slightly bulbous; however thats not my concern.

The tip points downwards especially when I talk and smile with a snarled look. No bumps on bridge. I dont want to change the size or shape just the rotation of the tip slightly upwards to a 90 or 95 degree angle. Also, what would be the estimated price range be for something like that since it is not a full rhinoplasty.

A: rhinoplasty without bone fracture

It is possible to alter the tip of your nose without fracturing the nasal bones. The cartilage in the nasal tip can be modified with a combination of sutures and trimming to achieve the desired look. You may even require a cartilage graft which can be taken from your septum to further elevate or rotate your tip. All this work can be done without necessarily breaking your nasal bones.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, as each patient is unique and has specific needs and desires.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno