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I had Breast Reduction around five years ago, followed by a lot of complicatons (which were fixed by another doctor). Now, I’m concerned about the excess flab on my sides from the surgery. It’s really bothersome if i don’t put a bra on, or if I wear certian kinds of bra. Are there any procedures for fixing this? If so, is it possible for such procedures to be covered by insurance?

A: Liposuction can usually be done with breast reduction

Some patients will require liposuction of their armpit/lateral chest wall area during a breast reduction to get a great result. It’s common for patients to have some breast tissue, or usually fatty tissue, in this area where the side of the breast “ends”. If this is not addressed at the time of surgery with either direct excision or liposuction of the tissue, the final result may not be completely satisfying to the patient and some of this tissue may stick out from underneath the bra line.

Usually, the liposuction can be done at the same time as the breast reduction, but in some cases, the liposuction is performed at a later stage after the swelling has subsided.

Please discuss this with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to scheduling a breast reduction procedure.