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One question many young patients in Beverly Hills have is when do their breasts reach their final form. In fact, some mothers with teenagers often have this question as well. It’s easy to be concerned about whether breasts are developing correctly throughout the teenage years and beyond, so it’s always beneficial to discuss any questions with Dr. Bruno.

While a breast augmentation may not be necessary at an early age, he can discuss the various options available if the breasts aren’t developing how any given patient wants them to. Knowing when breasts stop their development is the first thing to consider for patients who wish to alter the size and shape of their breasts with a breast augmentation or other procedure.

Puberty Begins Initial Breast Growth

Puberty generally begins around age 13, and this is the time when noticeable growth will happen with the breasts. Some girls will notice quicker growth than others, which depends on factors such as height, weight, physical attributes, genetics and more. Most girls in Beverly Hills will continue their breast development throughout their teens and into their early 20’s. There are so many different factors that go into breast development, though, so there isn’t a standard age that can be pinpointed as the time they stop developing.

Breast Development Can Be Final At Different Times

Since every Beverly Hills patient’s breasts develop and finalize at different times, it’s important to visit Dr. Bruno to determine when the time is right for a breast augmentation, if needed. Hormones can play a large factor in the final development of breasts. And for women who get pregnant in their early 20’s, the breasts may not reach their final form until a little later.

Breasts Will Change Throughout A Lifetime

While the initial development of breasts may end in a patient’s early 20’s, the breasts will constantly change throughout a woman’s life. Every Beverly Hills woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy, hormones, menopause and much more. These changes are natural and nothing to worry about. However, many women consider getting breast augmentation when they experience significant changes to their body for any reason. Visiting Dr. Bruno when changes occur can help give any patient the peace of mind that their breasts are developing normally, and that a breast augmentation is available to enhance the appearance if needed

William Bruno Plastic Surgery is here to help all Beverly Hills patients with any concerns or questions they have about their breasts. Feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin is important, and it’s our goal every day to ensure our patients experience this feeling. Whether it’s with a breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedure, we are here to help you transform your body into your ideal appearance.

If you ever have any questions about breast development or any other aspect of your body, never hesitate to contact us to speak with Dr. Bruno.