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Tummy tucks are a common plastic surgery option to help someone gain a slimmer, more confident figure. Naturally, patients often have a lot of particular questions about the procedure. William Bruno Plastic Surgery has compiled some of the most common questions about tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) and our answers to those questions to help you research the abdominoplasty procedure.

How Does a Tummy Tuck Help with Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis recti is the condition wherein your abdominal muscles are separated, causing a permanent pooch along your stomach that can’t be tightened with diet and exercise. The crucial thing to remember about diastasis recti is that because it involves the rupture and separation of muscles, no amount of diet or exercise can fix it.

By contrast, a tummy tuck is a surgical intervention that can be used to repair the abdominal muscles so they are connected once again. In other words, a tummy tuck can end diastasis recti and provide the aesthetic results that diet and exercise cannot provide.

Does a Tummy Tuck Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

A common goal of mommy makeovers that include tummy tucks is the elimination of stretch marks. While a tummy tuck cannot get rid of all stretch marks on your abdomen, if you suffer from stretch marks on the lower portion of your tummy – near where your incision will be placed – those stretch marks will be excised when Dr. Bruno removes extra skin from your abdomen.

Can A Tummy Tuck Get Rid of Extra Skin on Your Abdomen?

After pregnancy or significant weight loss, many women experience skin that hangs from their abdomen instead of snapping back into place. This extra skin on your abdomen isn’t something that can be exercised away. Many women who have excess skin on their abdomens have belly buttons that have been stretched out during pregnancy or after extreme weight loss.
Through a tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Bruno can get rid of the extra skin on your abdomen and give you a nice, smooth tummy that you can proudly show off at the beach or pool. When Dr. Bruno performs your tummy tuck procedure, he will be able to reposition and reshape your belly button to a more natural position on your abdomen.

Do Tummy Tucks Improve Your Personal Comfort?

Many women deal with back pain as a result of weakened abdominal muscles after pregnancy or weight loss. When the abdominal muscles are weak, the core is weak. When the core is weak, back pain occurs. By performing a tummy tuck, Dr. Bruno can alleviate your back pain by tightening your separated abdominal muscles.

What Procedures Are Tummy Tucks Commonly Combined With?

Tummy tucks are often included in a mommy makeover, becoming one of several procedures that can help a woman reverse the anatomical changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Outside of a mommy makeover, tummy tucks are often added to Brazilian butt lifts. By slimming and tightening your midsection, a tummy tuck can make your buttocks’ improved size and curvature look even more dramatic. In these examples and as the central procedure of focus, it is also common for tummy tucks to be paired with liposuction for the most comprehensive slimming experience.

How Visible Will My Tummy Tuck Scar Be?

Because of his commitment to outstanding results, Dr. Bruno will perform your tummy tuck with a functional and aesthetic outcome in mind. Part of his approach is placing your incision in such a way that it is less visible than other options. Your incision is made in a low arc above the pelvic bone, so you won’t have to worry about it showing when you wear your favorite swimsuit bottoms or underwear.

However, the scar will still be present and must naturally fade with time. Your scar usually takes 6 months to a year to lighten to its final state, and some scars can even take up to 2 years to lighten, but there are also things you can do to help improve it along the way. Regularly using silicone tape and silicone gel after your procedure can significantly help make your scar as inconspicuous as possible.

Does a Tummy Tuck Remove Excess Fat?

Technically speaking, removing excess fatty tissue in the love handle area is not part of the tummy tuck procedure. Instead, liposuction is commonly performed on this area during a tummy tuck to provide patients with the narrow waistline they desire. Therefore, women with stretch marks and excess skin are ideal candidates for a tummy tuck. Patients who still have good skin tone and merely want to address pockets of excess fat along the abdomen are more likely to benefit from liposuction alone.

What Is the Distinction between a Tummy Tuck and a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A mini-tummy tuck in Beverly Hills involves an incision that isn’t so “mini.” The actual incision is only a few inches shorter than a full tummy tuck. The procedure addresses primarily the lower portion of the abdomen and is best suited for thinner patients who have some loose skin and stretch marks from pregnancy. The belly button is not reshaped or moved during a mini-tummy tuck compared to a complete tummy tuck.

A standard tummy tuck will remove more skin and fatty tissue and allow for a more complete muscle tightening of the abdominal wall. Most patients who have had at least one pregnancy are candidates for a full tummy tuck. However, I do see one or two patients a year who qualify for a mini-tummy tuck.

What Else Should I Know about a Tummy Tuck?

You should meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon and make sure they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I recommend visiting with more than one surgeon until you find one who is qualified and makes you feel comfortable. Request to see as many tummy tuck before and after photos and videos of the surgeon’s work. You should also confirm that the surgery center where the procedure is performed is an accredited facility. If you need to speak with a former patient, the surgeon should be able to provide you with a few references as well.

We Have Even More Tummy Tuck Information For You

William Bruno Plastic Surgery hopes this information helps you feel more confident considering a tummy tuck. Please visit our tummy tuck page to learn even more about Dr. Bruno’s approach to abdominoplasty procedures. If you want to meet with Dr. Bruno to discuss tummy tucks, learn more about him and his approach on his page.