According to the popular cosmetic surgery website, 93% of Brazilian Butt Lift patients are extremely happy with their results. In this brief video I get inside their heads to figure out why.

Three Reasons Why Women Love The Brazilian Buttock Lift

  1. Re-shaping – Patients who are genetically cursed with square, sagging or otherwise unshapely buttocks finally get a rounded buttock.
  2. Volume – Adding volume in the buttock area accentuates waistlines, giving women a pleasing hourglass shape men love.
  3. Free Lipo – To harvest fat for the buttocks I perform liposuction on areas like the thighs and stomach. So BBL patients receive full body re-shaping, ridding them of unsightly fat deposits on the tummy, love handles and other places.

Note: To get more volume in the buttock, patients should add a few extra pounds to their frames before coming in for surgery.

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