I think I have gynecomastia and am considering a male breast reduction. Is there a standard I should apply to decide if I really need the surgery?

A: Gynecomastia

Male breast reduction for gynecomastia (enlarged male breast tissue) is usually an elective procedure performed for cosmetic reasons. Very rarely does a patient have such extremely large breasts or significant excess skin from their breasts that insurance covers the surgery. Most patients who seek out surgery have a moderate form of this condition which is typically treated with a combination of liposuction and direct removal of breast tissue, through a small incision at the level of the areola.

To determine the necessity of your procedure, I recommend you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to ensure there is no identifiable cause of your condition (steroid use, excessive marijuana use, endocrine disorder, etc.) and outline a surgical approach best for your particular anatomy.