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If you’ve been dreaming of fuller lips, there are several injectable fillers available. The two most common, and FDA-approved, are Restylane® Silk and Juvéderm®.

Both of these injectable fillers work to reshape and redefine your lips in a natural-looking way. They’ve quickly gained in well-deserved popularity for numerous reasons:


These fillers are injected in very small amounts allowing for greater customization and natural-looking improvement rather than drastic change. Most patients cannot tell the difference between the filler and their natural tissue.


The “Silk” in Restylane Silk allows for gentle treatment of thin, sensitive skin leaving behind the smoothest result in the detailed areas of your face. Juvéderm is the first hyaluronic acid dermal filler with a slightly thicker gel consistency that easily flows into the skin resulting in equally natural results. Dr. Bruno will help you determine which option is best for you during your consultation.


Taking only a few minutes to administer, there is absolutely no downtime and you can go back to normal activities immediately after treatment.


Depending on your specific body chemistry, results last from 4-12 months.

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