I am seeking medical opinions of a breast lift upon removal of implants, without replacement. I have 300cc, textured, anatomical, submuscular saline breast implants for 14 years. I am a young 35yr old, no children. Full A or small B prior, and went to a small/medium C cup after, with decent skin elasticity. Gained 15 lbs since then, and developed more breast tissue. I don’t feel they sag at the moment, but do have a natural slope. How much does the skin actually retract after the breast lift? Any medical or detailed advice is appreciated.

William Bruno, MD answers: Skin retraction after breast lift upon breast implant removal

A: removing breast implants, possibly needing a lift

If you have had saline breast implants for many years and now request removal (without reinsertion) you may be able to avoid a breast lift. If your nipple position is favorable (which yours appears to be by the photo) you are less likely to need a lift in the future. The factors in your favor are you have some natural breast tissue and your implant size isn’t too large. I would suspect that removing your implants alone is all you would require.

The approach would be to remove your breast implants, then do nothing for six months. This time period allows the skin to shrink and contract. You will then see the contour, nipple position and skin laxity that you are left with. Again without examining you it’s difficult to say, but based on your photos alone, I think you will be just fine removing your implants and avoiding any further surgery (lift).

Another approach gaining acceptance, is to have your surgeon deflate the breast implants in the office under local anesthesia, allow them to deflate/shrink, then six months later remove them in the operating room. If at the time of removal you need a lift, the skin will have contracted, making the mastopexy (lift) easier; and you would have avoided two surgeries in the operating room. This should only be done by a board certified plastic surgeon who is familiar with this technique.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno