Dr. Bruno was smart and offered me a surgery no other Dr I seen even mentioned. He prioritized my health above anything! He answered all my questions at my consultation & even informed me about things I was unaware of. The day of my surgery he was so positive and his experience really helped calm my nerves. I really felt safe under his care and I think that’s the most important factor when choosing a surgeon. As far as results, I’m more than ecstatic about my outcome! I’m only about 2 weeks out and the swelling is beginning to go down & my tummy is only looking better & better by the day! MY BELLY BOTTON LOOKS GREAT!!! Considering I got a Fleur de lis tummy tuck & he had to recreate it differently as opposed to a traditional tummy tuck, it looks great. I’m more than happy with my results and Dr. Bruno’s work not only helped boost my confidence but truly changed my life! And I’m beyond thankful! Thank you to Dr. Bruno, Marisol & Joselle for all your guy’s hard work!