I had been thinking of having a breast augmentation about a year ago but having doubts and too scared to even go to a consultation. So this year I finally decided to go for it as a birthday gift for myself. I researched here on yelp and Dr. William Bruno was among the highest rated reviewed surgeon when I was searching for the best plastic surgeons in the area.So I made an appointment, a young polite lady named Joselle answered the phone and booked my consultation with Dr. Bruno.

So the day of my consultation came, I was really nervous until I met Joselle and Marisol at the front who were both very friendly and accommodating so I started feeling really comfortable.

Then I met Dr. Bruno. He was very professional,patient,kind, and personable. I already knew I am in good hands so I started feeling at ease. I told him I wanted a natural looking breasts and he had done though details of what I can expect. I was very enlightened and already trusted him so I scheduled my surgery for a month after the first appointment. Also, on the pre-op appointment I chose a size, he really helped me a lot by explaining all possible outcomes.I chose the silicone -filled breast implant.

After the consultation, I went to Marisol’s table to discussed the financing options. She was really easy to talk to and she helped me book my surgery on the soonest date possible for I was going out of town and I wanted it done before I leave.

The day of my surgery came, the anesthesiologist and nurses were all very nice which made me less nervous of going through the procedure. Dr. Bruno once again had gone through the details of my surgery and made sure I was happily ready for it. 🙂

After the surgery, I went home and wasn’t really feeling much pain. I was very happy and excited to look at the mirror. On the same day, I was surprised that they sent me a fruit basket with a get well soon card. 🙂 And also, Dr. Bruno called me to check how I was feeling.

I’m now 3 weeks post op and I absolutely love the results I’m seeing each and everyday. My scars are healing well and the pain is very minimal. I only even took the medications for a day and a half after the surgery. I am always excited of picking an outfit and it really gives me a  self-confidence of how I look.

I am very happy that I found Dr. Bruno and I would definitely recommend him to everyone. He’s simply the BEST!!!