Upon meeting Dr. Bruno I had researched for 3 years and visited several other Dr.’s. . . what convinced me to schedule the consultation was his sleek website, testimonials, profile views/reviews and years of experience. The consultation was great! It was by far the best. Dr. Bruno is very professional and knowledgable! I really liked how DETAILED and PERSONABLE he was the ENTIRE process. The consultation I had with him definitely exceeded my expectations. . . Dr. Bruno took the time to ask about myself, why I was interested in the procedure and he answered any/all questions . . . he also took photos and sent those photos to the screen where he drew on the monitor and demonstrated several various options . . . the photos and markings helped give me a better VISUAL idea of WHAT and HOW I wanted my breasts to be. The sizers were also a huge help. NONE of the other consultations I had been at was this detailed/visual. I felt extremely comfortable, confident and excited after my consultation with Dr. Bruno that I immediately put down a payment with Marisol. Joselle and Marisol were also extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I think I contacted them at least 2 times a month (10 mo.) up until my surgery date. They were always very helpful, sweet and professional! The office is also very nice, clean and welcoming! I am currently still healing and have yet to see the final results. All is well, I experienced very little discomfort and pain (only lasted 2-3 days) Overall, I am both extremely satisfied and happy with my current state and decision to move forward with Dr. Bruno performing my breast augumentation. . . Dr. Bruno was/is awesome + he dealt with me every visit stressing to him how nervous and scared I am of needles and pain!! L O L!!!! Super excited to see the final results! Thank You Dr. Bruno and team for providing me with great service and care! 🙂