I had the BEST experience with Dr. Bruno. Visiting a plastic surgeon for the first time is very nerve racking, and he made me feel so comfortable and secure. From the consultation, all the way to the post op appointment, everything was communicated and organized perfectly. Marisol and Joselle were so nice and attentive to emails (I live out of the country and they always emailed me back RIGHT away, despite the 8 hour difference!) and they were so sweet sending an edible arrangement to my hotel room after my surgery. Every single person at the surgery center was amazing as well. To the receptionist, to the nurse, to the anesthesiologist (she is so so amazing!!!), to the guy who wheeled me out to my car– they are SO nice and comforting.

My recovery was a breeze- I was off of my pain meds after 3 days and moving around the day of. (breast augmentation) Dr. Bruno gave me exactly what I wanted. He listens to what you want and won’t do anything against your wishes. I am so happy with my breasts and the way they look and heal. They look so natural and feel apart of me. I’ve been going on long walks, manicured hikes, and doing light cardio and I am only 11 days out of my surgery. This surgery was a breeze thanks to Dr. Bruno and his amazing team!!!