From the moment I met Dr.Bruno I knew he would be my sergeant. I have had 2 breast augmentations by him once to actually have breast an the second to go bigger. He pays a lot of attention to detail and for that reason I believe that is why I have no scares. People often think mines are real because of the beautiful drop I have. Also one thing I really wanna take the time to mention is his staff. The people at the front desk are very nice and make you feel comfortable. On the day of my surgery my nurse really took the time to calm me down and explain everything to me in depth on what was about to happen because I was really nervous. The anesthesiologist was also very good explaining to me the details of the process and how there were no worries to be had. I have been checked on a few times by the staff since my surgery which really makes me feel like they care. I like the fact that Dr.Bruno is very easy to get in contact with day or night. I do and already have recommended him to a lot of my friends. My over all experience with him and his team was amazing I don’t want to get all teary eyed but I really feel beautiful and we are blessed to have people like him around who can work miracles.