Dr. Bruno Reviewing Breast Implants with a Mommy Makeover Patient

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood can be some of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of a woman’s life. After all, there’s nothing like carrying a child in your womb, giving birth to them, and raising them. But these processes, as rewarding as they often are, can also take a toll on a Beverly Hills or Hollywood woman’s body.

Motherhood proves your body capable of sustaining another human life. The changes your body goes through to perform that process, though, may leave you almost unrecognizable to yourself. Beverly Hills and Hollywood moms come in to see Dr. Bruno with a range of problems when it comes to getting back their pre-pregnancy bodies, such as:

Abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti) creates an unwanted pooch in the belly that is repaired with surgery.

Loss of breast volume and lift after breastfeeding.

Excess fat and sagging skin.

Visible C-section scars above the bikini line, especially if you had an emergency C-section and have a vertical scar.

Excess fatty deposits that won’t go away despite proper diet and exercise.

Dr. Bruno’s approach combines multiple elective plastic surgery procedures into one event with a mommy makeover surgery that can help you get your pre-baby body back into shape*.

Dr. William Bruno, board-certified plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills, discusses the Mommy Makeover procedure in more detail.

Am I A Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

For many Beverly Hills and Hollywood moms, a proper diet and exercise won’t do the trick to get them back into their pre-pregnancy shape. If you feel less confident after having your baby or have had children years ago but want to set back the clock, a mommy makeover can help you look the way you want. Many mothers may be hesitant to undergo a mommy makeover; after all, most are almost always putting their family’s wants and needs above their own. Still, the procedure is completely safe, and Dr. Bruno comprehensively screens women before a mommy makeover to ensure:

Good mental and physical health, and that you can pass a preoperative appointment with your general practitioner.

No future childbearing. Having additional children after a mommy makeover is completely safe. However, it may negate the amazing results you’ve seen from your procedure.

Stable weight to maintain results.

You are a non-smoker or promise to quit smoking 2-4 weeks before and 2-4 weeks after your surgeries, as smoking can complicate both the procedure and your recovery process.

For a mommy makeover to have lasting results, you should not plan to have children after the procedure or gain weight. Both could negatively affect results and require additional surgery. If you would like a mommy makeover, it’s recommended to wait until after your weight is stable and you have had all your children and have a consistent birth control plan in place.

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*Individual results may vary
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What Procedures Are Involved With a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is designed to enhance your confidence by sculpting and rejuvenating your body. During a consultation, you will have the chance to speak with Dr. Bruno about the changes you want to make. Dr. Bruno will discuss treatment options and recovery time to give you an idea of what procedures you would like. A mommy makeover can include:

Liposuction of your problems areas

Breast lift

Breast Augmentation

Tummy Tuck

C-Section scar improvement

Dr. Bruno can also add other procedures that you feel will compliment your new body, such as a facelift.

Once you have developed a plan that fits your goals, Dr. Bruno will follow the surgical plan that gives you the results that you want. Because every mommy makeover differs, here are the surgeries that are usually combined:


A cannula, a small tube, is inserted into a small incision to remove fat deposits.

Tummy tuck

Excess skin and tissue are removed from your waist and hips. If you have separated abdominal muscles, these will be reattached during a tummy tuck procedure.

Breast lift

Sagging skin and breast tissue are removed to reposition the breasts higher. You will keep the same breast volume but have firmer breasts.

Breast augmentation

Breast enlargement to restore lost volume after nursing, or to simply go bigger if you’ve always desired larger breasts.

C-Section scar improvement

Dr. Bruno may employ a variety of techniques to improve the appearance of a visible C-section scar above the bikini line, or it may be completely excised during your tummy tuck.

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Mommy Makeover Procedures Process Explained

Preparing for Your Mommy Makeover

Many of Dr. Bruno’s Beverly Hills and Hollywood mommy makeover patients have never had surgery before, so they are understandably curious and sometimes nervous about what their procedure will entail. That’s exactly why Dr. Bruno and his team do their very best to set your expectations and put your mind at ease.

On the day of your surgery, you’ll arrive at the designated surgery center having fasted since midnight or 12 hours, whichever is longer. Fasting before elective surgery is important because having food in your stomach can complicate receiving general anesthesia, the strong sedative you’ll receive for your surgery to put you to sleep, and make you completely unaware of what is going on.

When the time is right, you’ll be called back to the preoperative room to be prepped for your surgery by a team of nurses and medical technicians. Here you will change into your surgical gown and have your vitals monitored to ensure you are ready for your surgeries.

What is a Mommy Makeover Like During Surgery?

After you are prepped for your mommy makeover, you’ll walk into the operating room. Here, you’ll be placed under general anesthesia by a licensed anesthesiologist, who will also monitor your vitals throughout the surgery to ensure your overall health and safety. After all, that is Dr. Bruno’s primary concern for you.

Once you are under general anesthesia, Dr. Bruno will get to work. The exact order of your procedures will all depend on the unique surgical plan Dr. Bruno has prepared for your specific case.

For most Beverly Hills and Hollywood moms, a mommy makeover is an outpatient procedure*. After surgery, you will be monitored for any possible complications and sent home to recover once you feel well. Dr. Bruno recommends that a friend or loved one comes to pick you up after surgery, as you will not be able to drive yourself home due to the strong general anesthesia you received for your surgery.

Board-certified plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, Dr. William Bruno, conducts a mommy makeover surgery on a patient.

What Should I Expect in Terms of Recovery After a Mommy Makeover?

Depending on the procedures you’ve chosen for your mommy makeover, your recovery may include:

Children icon

No carrying small children

Rest icon

Resting at home

No work icon

Taking 7-10 days off work and school

No exercise icon

No heavy lifting

Family icon

Relying on friends and family to assist with childcare

Compression garments icon

Wearing compression garments to prevent swelling

Post mommy makeover surgery, you will have several follow-up exams with Dr. Bruno as you heal to ensure your complete recovery.

Mommy Makeover Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

  • 3 Ways Pregnancy Affects Your Body

    Pregnancy can take a big toll on a mother’s body. Some of the changes that occur are temporary, but others can be permanent. Luckily, mothers in Hollywood can get their pre-pregnancy bodies back with a mommy makeover. The three most common ways pregnancy affects the body include:

    • Sagging breasts due to the expansion of the breasts caused by milk production
    • Stretch marks due to the belly stretching as the baby grows in the womb
    • Fat storage, commonly in the thighs and hips, as the body holds on to extra needed fat to produce rich milk for the baby

    Getting a mommy makeover in Hollywood with Dr. Bruno can eliminate the physical side effects of pregnancy on your body and restore your body to its pre-pregnancy form. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and mothers deserve to look and feel their best during and after pregnancy. Dr. Bruno enjoys working with mothers to help give them a reason to smile about their physical appearance again.

    With Dr. Bruno on your side, you can feel better knowing his skill and experience will help you restore your natural beauty after pregnancy.

  • Can a Mommy Makeover Get Rid of Diastasis Recti?

    When pregnancy leads to diastasis recti for mothers in Hollywood, one of the most common questions is whether a mommy makeover can fix it. Diastasis recti occurs when the rectus lower abdominal muscles tear and separate during pregnancy. The good news is a mommy makeover comprises several different procedures, which can combine to get rid of diastasis recti for good.

    When a mother in Hollywood gets a mommy makeover with Dr. Bruno, she can choose to get a tummy tuck, liposuction, a breast lift, breast augmentation, and more. A common theme among mothers with diastasis recti is there are other features of their body they want to restore as well. This is why a mommy makeover with Dr. Bruno is often more popular than a single surgery since it corrects any problems and restores the mother’s natural beauty all at once.

    With Dr. Bruno’s skill, patients can quickly and easily get rid of diastasis recti. Most of the time, it’s ideal to get multiple procedures completed at one time, but Dr. Bruno will work with your specific needs to ensure your physical goals are met.

  • Tips for Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

    Getting the body back to pre-pregnancy form is one goal many mothers in Hollywood have after giving birth. A mommy makeover can consist of various procedures designed to help get the body back into shape. Some of the most common procedures include a combination of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, or breast lift.

    Some of the things mothers can do to prepare for their mommy makeover include:

    • Asking for help at home during the recovery phase
    • Staying as healthy as possible to be cleared for any procedure
    • Maintaining a stable weight
    • Ensure no more kids are planned

    Everyone’s situation is unique, and Dr. Bruno recognizes this. When patients in Hollywood visit his office, he answers all questions about getting a mommy makeover and provides additional advice to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

    There are many factors to consider when preparing for any procedure, but when you work with Dr. Bruno, you can rest easy knowing you are in great hands every step of the way.

  • How Soon After Pregnancy Can I Have a Mommy Makeover?

    Having a baby is one of the most joyous times for new mothers in Hollywood. This major life event should be celebrated, but many mothers feel the need to get a mommy makeover afterward to restore their body’s appearance to its pre-pregnancy form.

    When it comes to the timing of getting a mommy makeover, everyone’s situation is different. Some of the main factors to consider include:

    • Whether future kids are in the mother’s plans
    • The length of time it takes for the body to recover after giving birth
    • The amount of time since the mother has stopped breastfeeding
    • What types of procedures to include in the mommy makeover

    Mothers in Hollywood can get a clear idea of how soon after pregnancy, they can have any procedure done by talking with Dr. Bruno. The timeline for having any procedure depends entirely on your goals and specific situation. Dr. Bruno takes the time to evaluate each of his patients’ health to ensure every procedure is performed safely and at the right time.

    Working with Dr. Bruno will help you get your body back into pre-pregnancy form at the perfect time for your personal situation.

  • Can I Have All Of My Mommy Makeover Procedures In One Day?

    Many moms in Hollywood want to restore their physical appearance to their pre-pregnancy form for many reasons. One of the effective ways to do so is by getting a mommy makeover. The procedures include, but are not limited to:

    • Tummy tuck
    • Liposuction
    • Breast lift
    • Breast augmentation
    • Butt lift
    • Various facial procedures

    Some Hollywood mothers say they want multiple procedures completed as part of their mommy makeover and want to know whether they can all be completed at once. There isn’t a standard answer since the time frame depends on how many procedures the patient wants to complete and their overall health at the time of the procedure. A complete evaluation of the patient’s current health and appearance and desired appearance will determine the safest timeline.

    Dr. Bruno always keeps safety as his number one priority for patients. Many patients want to have all procedures in a mommy makeover completed at once, but he will make other suggestions if he is not completely confident their body can handle it. Honesty is something you can expect when talking to Dr. Bruno, and he will always keep your safety and health in the front of his mind. Read on to learn more about having all mommy makeover procedures done in a single day.

  • How Soon Can I Exercise After a Mommy Makeover?

    A common theme with new mothers in Hollywood is that they want to get their bodies back into pre-pregnancy form as soon as possible. Getting a mommy makeover is one way to do so, but the results will only be sustained with a healthy diet and exercise routine. But before mothers try to get out and do some heavy lifting immediately following their mommy makeover, there are some things to take into consideration.

    The length of time to wait to exercise following any procedure varies. For example, if a patient decides to get a breast augmentation as part of their mommy makeover, strenuous upper body exercises should be avoided for up to six weeks. But if a patient gets a butt lift, then these activities should be avoided for about eight weeks.

    The good news is patients in Hollywood don’t have to guess whether it’s safe for them to exercise after completing their procedure. Dr. Bruno is always available to answer any questions and provide recommendations about exercise routines.

    The more procedures patients have done, the more they will need to rely on Dr. Bruno for advice. Safety is always his number one priority for patients. Keep reading to learn more about how soon patients can exercise after a mommy makeover.

  • What Are Some Tips For Maintaining My Mommy Makeover Results?

    A mommy makeover is an inclusive set of plastic surgery procedures for restoring a woman’s body after a difficult pregnancy and childbirth. For Beverly Hills mothers, sometimes changes happen in the body, and pregnancy often has a way of leaving its tell-tale mark on new mothers in the form of loose, sagging breasts, exercise-resistant stomach pooches, and weakened abdominal muscles. A typical mommy makeover surgery combines breast augmentation (with or without a breast lift), tummy tuck surgery, and liposuction into one procedure, aimed at returning your body to its pre-pregnancy physique.

    However, maintaining a body after plastic surgery is necessary to keep the results. It does require effort on the patient to change habits in their lifestyle, so they continue to maintain their results. Here are some tips for Beverly Hills moms to keep in mind after a mommy makeover:

    • Maintain a healthy weight and diet. Fat gain and excessive weight fluctuation can ruin any abdominal procedures. Stretching of the skin caused by pregnancy is removed in surgery, but the skin can stretch back out again.
    • Stop smoking. Not smoking is vital both before and immediately after surgery, and keeping the habit away will also help in the long run. Smoking affects all parts of the body, even the areas included in the surgery.
    • Stop having children. It goes without saying that childbirth will cause all of these problems to come up again. Wait until there are no more plans to have children before undergoing a mommy makeover.
  • What are My Different Options for a Mommy Makeover?

    A mommy makeover is more than a single procedure. Each woman will have different needs, and Beverly Hills moms will want to know what types of procedures they have available.

    • Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat that can’t seem to be eliminated through diet and exercise. It is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.
    • A breast lift removes excess or stretched skin to reshape breast tissue and reposition the nipple higher on the chest.
    • Breast augmentation uses 1 of 3 different types of implants to add mass and volume to breast tissue. This is oftentimes combined with a breast lift to create a larger and less drooping breast shape.
    • A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a type of surgery that cuts away excess skin and fat from around the abdomen. It does not replace a weight loss regimen, but it can help to contour the abdomen after weightless.
    • A C-section scar improvement surgery can reduce the obvious and wide scar from having a cesarean section birth. This is done to help women with large unseemly scars hide this glaring imperfection.

    Women in Beverly Hills seeking mommy makeovers with Dr. Bruno should be aware of all available options for their mommy makeovers. To learn more, schedule a consultation today.

  • Can I Have More Kids After a Mommy Makeover?

    Mommy makeover surgeries can provide astonishing aesthetic results to restore the youthful, attractive look of a woman’s body before having children. Beverly Hills mother seeking a mommy makeover with Dr. Bruno are advised that having children after a mommy makeover, however, is inadvisable.

    Quite simply, the surgeries for a mommy makeover are only one-time fixes. Once a patient leaves the practice, there are no special medications or long-term effects of the surgery beyond the procedures themselves. Having children after a mommy makeover can potentially reverse all the gains from the procedures done. If childbirth was what brought a mother to the point of needing a mommy makeover, then another childbirth will bring her to that same point again.

    It is for these reasons that a mommy makeover should not be treated as a continuous solution to the problems inherent in pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, to ensure that a mother is receiving the proper treatment with enough time to adjust after childbirth, it is recommended to wait at least six months after the last child is born before undergoing a mommy makeover.

    Beverly Hills moms seeking a mommy makeover should be aware that with proper input and precautions, a great body is achievable. There are just a few common-sense solutions and precautions that need to be taken to ensure that the results are satisfactory and that they last for a long time.

  • When Can I Resume Normal Activities After a Mommy Makeover?

    Motherhood and childbirth can put immense stress on a body, and a mommy makeover only puts more stress on the body to heal at the same time. Normal activities need to be put off after childbirth, and surgery is the same way.

    Recovery is a long and involved process. Following your mommy makeover surgery, gauze or bandages will be applied to your incisions. An elastic bandage or support bra will minimize swelling and support the breasts. A compression garment is typically used to control swelling in the abdomen, waist, and buttocks. Healing will continue for several weeks as swelling decreases, and the shape of the breasts, abdomen, waist, and buttocks improves. Continue to follow Dr. Bruno’s instructions, and the recovery will continue perfectly.

    In the immediate days after surgery, Beverly Hills patients will need help from family members. Incisions may become stretched or strained if too much activity is attempted too soon after the operation. However, patients don’t need to wait that long before they start to transition back to their normal life. Usually, patients can return to work in 2 to 4 weeks. From there, patients can start to do heavier lifting after about 6 weeks, and light exercise after 4 weeks. Finally, after about 6 months, patients will usually fully recover and can enjoy their new bodies to their fullest. In addition, scars from the surgery should fade within this time, providing little evidence that any surgery was done at all.

Choose Dr. Bruno of Beverly Hills and Hollywood For The Mommy Makeover of Your Dreams

As a Beverly Hills and Hollywood plastic surgeon who has helped several women regain their pre-pregnancy form*.  Dr. Bruno understands what it’s like for moms to desire to look like their former selves. This is why he diligently works with his potential mommy makeover candidates to understand their problem areas and complaints, listen to their desired goals, and provide them with realistic expectations of what results he can, based on his professional opinion, provide given your unique circumstances and case.

If you are interested in a Beverly Hills and Hollywood mommy makeover, please contact Dr. Bruno at (310) 461-3855 for a consultation to determine the surgical plan for your unique anatomy.

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The Mommy Makeover procedure restores the body to its pre-pregnancy size by combining multiple elective plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction into one surgical event. If you are ready to reverse the effects of pregnancy, do not wait to call William Bruno Plastic Surgery to learn more.