Brazilian Butt Lift

Beverly Hills patients don’t need to look far to see that fuller, sculpted butts are in. Squats and lunges can only do so much, which is why Dr. Bruno offers a Brazilian butt lift for patients who want to reshape their butts for a curvier appearance. A Brazilian butt lift combines liposuction from one part of the body with gluteal reshaping to enhance your buttocks using unwanted fat from other parts of your body. This dual procedure can dramatically reshape your body for a proportion that aligns with your ideal body type.

How Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

Unlike gluteal implants, Dr. Bruno will use fat taken from your own body with liposuction to fill in areas of your butt for a fuller, sculpted look. During an initial consultation, Dr. Bruno develops a treatment plan with Beverly Hills patients that:

  • Targets problem areas for liposuction.
  • Outlines the changes needed for a sculpted butt.
  • Reviews the procedure and recovery period.

During your consultation, you can ask Dr. Bruno any questions or concerns that are on your mind.

Where Will the Fat for My Brazilian Butt Lift Come From?

Your liposuction will involve removing fat from problem areas that have accumulated. The best areas to remove fat from are:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Flanks (love handles)

Transferring fat from these areas generally provide Beverly Hills patients with better results because Dr. Bruno can harvest more high-quality fat using his gentle liposuction technique.

How Is Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift Harvested?

Dr. Bruno will preserve the structure of fat cells to ready them for transfer to your buttocks. Once he has harvested these fat cells, they must be gently strained and prepared for injection. Dr. Bruno achieves the correct proportion by injecting fat cells precisely into the muscle and distributing them throughout the upper and lower buttocks. The procedure typically lasts for 2-3 hours and patients can normally return home on the same day.


Although you may feel ready to get back to work and resume normal activity a few days after surgery, you will need to spend about 2 weeks resting. It is imperative that you do not put any weight on your buttocks during this time because the new fat cells can be easily damaged. Beverly Hills patients can use a modified pillow placed under the backs of their thighs for assistance sitting. For the first 2-4 weeks patients will wear a compression garment to limit swelling. After 4 weeks most of the swelling will be gone and you will be able to remove the compression garment.

*Individual results may vary

How Long Will the Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

Dr. Bruno uses a specific technique that allows 70% of transferred fat cells to remain after your procedure. You can do a few things to get the most from your Brazilian butt lift:

  • Try not to sit normally for about 2 weeks after surgery. The longer you avoid siting, the lower the chances that fat will be reabsorbed.
  • Keep weight constant. After your Brazilian butt lift, a stable weight will give you lasting results for your liposuction and butt lift. If you lose weight, it’s likely that your butt will also lose fat. If you gain weight then your butt may get larger.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 8 weeks after surgery. Fat burning exercises can effectively kill the fat cells injected into your butt. Skipping exercise for a few months will ensure that an essential blood supply is established to the new fat cells, improving their survival.

After six months, you will have the final result of your Brazilian butt lift. Most Beverly Hills patients do not experience changes after that unless they lose or gain significant amounts of weight.

How Do I Know if I am a Good Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

One of the easiest and most effect ways to determine if you are a candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift is to measure your BMI.

Click here to be taken to a BMI calculator and to find more information on if you’re a candidate for the Brazilian Butt lift.

If you are interested in reshaping your body and achieving a rounder, fuller contour in your buttocks, contact William Bruno Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Call (310) 461-3855.