Women who are finished with childbearing often ask me to restore the youthful breasts they had before pregnancy and nursing.

Most will need both breast lift and breast augmentation. A breast lift will raise sagging breasts and bring back their shapeliness. Breast augmentation will add volume, giving heft to the bosom and balancing out curvy hips.

Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation — Or Both?

  • Both procedures are extremely popular and safe.
  • The two most popular incisions are the lollipop incision and the anchor incision.
  • Both incisions allow me to remove excess skin and elevate the nipple. Using either of them, I can simultaneously perform a lift and add implants.
  • Some patients can tolerate getting breast augmentation at the same time as a lift. Others may need two separate surgeries, with their implants being added a few months after their lift.
  • How I proceed will depend on the condition of their breasts and, of course, their safety.

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