I just recently lost about 45 pounds and I noticed that I have minimal sagging and stretch marks on my arms. I inquired to a plastic surgeon about this and she said because it is minimal and I am so young (20 years old), it would not be worth the scar. Is there any solution to my problem that is not as severe? Would any among Mini Brachioplasty, arm toning with exercise, or laser skin tightening be a good option for me? Any advice would help seeing as I am very insecure about this and would like to handle it now while I am young.

A: Limited incision brachioplasty

If you have minimal excess skin in your upper arms from weight loss, you may be a candidate for a limited-incision brachioplasty. This involves an incision which is placed in your armpit, not along your upper arm from elbow to armpit. You must be a good candidate for this procedure in order to achieve a good result. This is difficult to determine without seeing or examining you in person. I do recommend getting your body weight down to your goal weight prior to considering any body contouring surgery. Exercise is always a good idea to tone your muscles, however, if you have loose skin, exercise will not change your skin tone.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in body contouring procedures such as brachioplasties.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno