Learning everything there is to know about a butt augmentation procedure is ideal before patients actually go through with it. While it’s easy to get information online, it’s always best for patients to speak with a qualified plastic surgeon to address any questions. A common question that Beverly Hills patients have is whether their hips will be altered at all during the butt augmentation process. While it may not be necessary to go through an entire hip augmentation procedure, Dr. Bruno can enhance the hips to give the body the overall shape desired and to make it look more proportional. Most of the time altering the hips is a personal preference of the patient, and there are plenty of benefits of doing so.

Transferring Fat to Hips Can Enhance Body Shape

No matter what method patients choose for their butt augmentation, it’s almost always possible to transfer fat to the hips to add volume. This is typically common for patients who choose to insert butt implants, which don’t alter the shape of the hips at all. Some patients want to achieve the prototypical hourglass body shape, which is possible with Dr. Bruno performing the procedures. Sculpting the waist, hips, and buttocks through fat transfer is common and can be the final touches for achieving the perfect body Beverly Hills patients desire.

Combining Butt Augmentation with Hip Augmentation

Most of the time it’s not necessary to get hip implants inserted as part of the butt augmentation procedure. In fact, many patients choose not to change the shape or size of their hips at all, depending on the butt augmentation procedure they choose. The patients who choose to combine a butt augmentation with a hip augmentation typically want to experience a major change in their appearance. The nature of a butt augmentation may alter the hips slightly, and patients have the option of shaping them up if they choose.

Very Few Risks, Plenty of Benefits

Enhancing the hips as part of a butt augmentation provides many benefits with very few risks if any at all. Dr. Bruno places a heavy emphasis on proportionality when he works on any patient since the long-term results are much more favorable. Sometimes patients choose to get a butt augmentation to enhance the size of the buttocks tremendously without thinking about how their hips will look. It may not take a lot but augmenting the hips can be exactly what Beverly Hills patients need to finalize their appearance.

Dr. Bruno specializes in butt augmentations and enjoys sculpting a patient’s body how they envision it. As with any procedure, knowing what to expect throughout the process, including how the results will look, will make the experience a positive one. Dr. Bruno will always set the proper expectations for his Beverly Hills patients, and most of the time exceed them with his expertise.

When you’re ready to finally get the body you’ve always desired, contact William Bruno Plastic Surgery to start the discussions with Dr. Bruno.