Hollywood sets the trends for much of the world when it comes to fitness and beauty. Having a well-formed and healthy buttocks is something that both men and women want to boost their self-esteem and feel confident about themselves. While dieting and proper exercise can help many people get the body they want, for others they just can’t seem to achieve the shape that they want with their buttocks. One of the best options in these cases is a procedure called a Brazilian Butt Lift. Hollywood patients can not only increase the “projection” of their buttocks (how far it sticks out), they can also improve its overall shape while also getting a trimmer and slimmer figure.

In this blog post we want to look at one of the most common concerns that patients have about Brazilian butt lift: and that is about the chances they’ll need to get a touch up. We’ll talk all about what a “touch up” is and why patients may need them.

If you’d like to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift or if you’re ready to set up a preliminary consultation with Dr. Bruno, call us today. We would love to learn more about what your goals are for your body and how we can help achieve them. We have a fabulous gallery of Before-and-After pictures of our patients who have had a Brazilian butt lift so make sure you check that out.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

First, let’s take a quick look at what a Brazilian butt lift actually is.


A Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat to enhance the shape of your buttocks. Dr. Bruno uses liposuction to remove fat from other areas of your body: usually the hips (love handles), thighs, or tummy.


Once the fat is removed, Dr. Bruno will process it so that only the healthy fat cells remain.


Dr. Bruno will then injects the fat cells into the areas of the buttocks that need reshaping.


Now, after the procedure, about 30% of the injected fat cells will get reabsorbed back into the body. The other 70% will connect to a blood supply and become part of the muscle structure in the buttocks.

Let’s look at the idea of “touch ups” after the procedure.

Touch Ups After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Hollywood men and women that undergo a Brazilian butt lift will first need to wait until their bodies have totally recovered, which can take several months. After the healing process is complete, patients will meet with Dr. Bruno to discuss their results. At that time, if the patient is unhappy or if Dr. Bruno believes that it is necessary, he can recommend that they get a “touch up.” This is essentially a “mini” Brazilian butt lift. Hollywood patients will undergo the same procedure but this time the goal will be to just correct any issues.

Why Work with Dr. Bruno for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Hollywood men and women should always work with a board-certified plastic surgeon for any procedure, but especially when it comes to the Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Bruno has performed many of these procedures and is one of the most experienced doctors in the area. On top of that, our patients absolutely love the relationship that they build with him throughout the process. Even more importantly, they love the results they get. Give us a call today to get started.