It can be frustrating to spend hours in the gym doing squats and lunges, trying to get a fuller butt, but seeing no real results. If you’re experiencing this, know that you’re not alone! Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of people just like you get the rounder, more voluptuous butt of their dreams.

If you’re considering butt augmentation surgery, you may have already begun doing some research on the different procedures available. And you may be wondering, what’s the difference between butt implants and a Brazilian butt lift, also called a fat transfer to buttocks? Is one procedure safer than the other? Which procedure will give you the best results? Dr. Bruno is committed to helping his Beverly Hills patients make the right decisions for themselves, so read on as we discuss the difference between butt implants and a fat transfer to buttocks.

Butt Implants

Until recently, butt implants were the most popular butt augmentation surgery around. With butt implants, rounded or oval shaped silicon implants (which are different from silicon breast implants) are placed either above of below the gluteus maximus muscle through an incision in the upper butt crease. The incision is then closed with sutures, and drains are placed so that excess blood and fluid can be evacuated during the first week after surgery.

Butt implants can give you the rounder, more curvaceous butt that you want. But they do come with some drawbacks. First, with butt implants there is a risk of capsular contracture or implant rupture. Second, butt implants aren’t a permanent solution. Patients who undergo butt implants are advised that the implants will need to be replaced within eight to twelve years. Finally, the results from butt implants are less natural looking than the results seen with a fat transfer to buttocks procedure. So if you’re looking to turn heads with your booty a la Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, a butt implant procedure probably isn’t the best butt augmentation option for you.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

A fat transfer to buttocks, or Brazilian butt lift, as it’s commonly called, is all the rage in Beverly Hills. During this increasingly popular procedure, fat is removed from your problem areas via liposuction of the abdomen, love handles, and thighs. The fat is then purified and injected into your gluteal muscles, giving you a full, rounder and naturally looking curvy butt.

A fat transfer to buttocks procedure is considered the safest butt augmentation procedure around, because it uses your body’s own fat to enhance the shape of your butt. It also has the added value of including liposuction, so often times a fat transfer to buttocks patient ends up with a more visually appealing butt and hip area than a butt implant patient. Finally, a fat transfer to buttocks procedure has longer lasting results. While some of the fat that is injected will shrink, patients typically achieve their final results within the first 6 months following the procedure. And results usually do not change, unless the patient gains or loses a significant amount of weight in the future. For all these reasons, Dr. Bruno recommends his Beverly Hills patients have a fat transfer to buttocks procedure versus butt implants.

If you’re ready to get the fuller butt you’ve always wanted, there’s no time like the present! Call our Beverly Hills office today to schedule a free consultation.