I am 21 years old, 135lbs, no pregnancies. I am very unhappy with the look and shape of my areolas. I want a smaller more youthful look, but would rather wait to get a mastopexy later, after pregnancy. Am I a good candidate for a nipple surgery procedure?

William Bruno, MD answers: Decrease the size of areola without mastopexy?

A: Areolar reduction vs mastopexy

An areolar reduction is a good option in your particular case because you have a normal nipple/areola position, just a slightly larger than normal areola. This can be done under local anesthesia, and I would recommend using a permanent suture, such as Gore-Tex , in order to prevent the scar from widening over time and to also give a more long-lasting result.

It’s possible later in life if you have children, that you may require an actual mastopexy to improve the overall shape of your breasts.

Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon to further discuss your options for an areolar reduction.