I am 20 years old 5’7″, 114lbs., 29in rib cage, and very slim. I made the mistake of not doing research and ended up with 360cc’s putting me at a large C-cup. It looks so fake and now it’s impossible to fit in my clothing which is a size 0.

My doctor said I’d have to get new Breast Implants if I wanted just 250cc implants and that would be another $7,000. He said that If I wanted to keep my current implants but it would be around $3,000 just to remove only 50cc’s from them. Which cc’s would be best for my body size?

A: Breast implant size and replacement

If you want to downsize your saline breast implants, I would recommend considering an in-office deflation. What this involves is deflating the implant under local anesthesia in the office, which allows the implant to deflate, and more importantly, allows your stretched out skin to shrink and contract. This will make the replacement of a smaller implant (250cc or smaller) much easier to do in about 3-6 months time. You could attempt to remove your current implants and simultaneously replace with smaller implants; however the pocket made for your current implants is too large for the smaller volume that you desire.

The ultimate size of the implant should be one that suits your body type, tissues as well as your desired cup size. Discuss this further with your surgeon again carefully before proceeding with a removal and replacement. You can not remove 50cc from a 360cc implant-that would not be a good approach to your situation.