I had a consultation today for a breast lift with implant. I really do not want that long vertical scar that accompanies most breast lifts. The surgeon measured me and said I was a 29? He said that I would need the lift with the anchor incision, or I could just have the implant without lift, but the implant would go on top of the muscle. I’m really dissapointed because I do not want that large vertical scar. What are my other options for a lift? I have another consultation scheduled with a different surgeon, but I want to know if they are just going to tell me the same thing.

William Bruno, MD answers: Avoiding vertical Breast Lift scar?

A: vertical scar breast lift

A mastopexy or a breast lift can be performed in many different ways with different incisions. If your breasts are sagging and the nipple position is somewhat low (as in the photo) you would require a vertical incision to give you the best breast contour. Although patients are often times reluctant to have such a scar on their breasts, the improved shape is what most patients want in the end. The scar usually heals quite well. Most patients will accept a scar in exchange for a great shape. If you avoid the vertical scar, you will likely also avoid a good result.

You may want to reconsider placing a breast implant at the same time of your vertical lift. This may need to be staged in order to get the best result, depending on how large you would like to become.

Be sure to consult with board certified plastic surgeons prior to scheduling your breast surgery.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno